Criteria for Offers of Supplemental Summer Appointments 
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing 

Supplemental summer appointments will be made in accordance with University regulations and any applicable collective bargaining agreement. Supplemental summer appointments may become available and offered based on college curricular needs, student demand and available funding. These appointments may only be offered to nine-month faculty qualified to teach the class being offered. Courses should be limited to those which are essential to students’ progression in their program of study. Summer schedule should be geared towards equaling (at minimum) or exceeding the prior summer’s enrollment. The person responsible for offering an available supplemental summer appointments shall consider the following when determining which qualified faculty member in the college is offered the appointment:

  1. The employees’ educational qualifications and experience.
  2. With the exception of instructors with less than three years service, equality of summer employment opportunities for all in-unit faculty over time.
  3. Faculty member interest in a course.
  4. The faculty member’s successful teaching experience relative to an available course.
  5. Budget availability.

Faculty may qualify for consideration of a supplemental summer appointment if they have received "excellent" or "above satisfactory" evaluations of teaching in their most recent annual evaluation.