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Policy to Precept Students from Colleges/Universities other than FAU

The demand for clinical sites and qualified preceptors is increasing. Nursing students attending online programs who live and work in our geographical area often search for clinical placements and preceptors to fulfill the requirements of their online courses. These students may approach Florida Atlantic University’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing (CELCON) faculty to serve as their preceptors

For full-time CELCON faculty, teaching for another college/university is a conflict of interest, and is not permitted by the University. Similarly, serving as a preceptor for nursing students attending programs from universities/colleges other than FAU is generally not supported.

If a faculty member wants approval to serve as a preceptor for a non-FAU nursing student, she/he must request permission from the Dean with rationale for how serving as a preceptor would benefit the CELCON.

If the Dean approves the request, the faculty member must provide the following to the Dean:

  1. Course syllabus: course syllabus should indicate course objectives and the number of clinical hours required.
  2. Letter of introduction documenting that the student is enrolled in the specified course and is in good standing with the college/university.
  3. Contact information of a supervisor at the student’s college/university who will retain ultimate responsibility for the student’s educational experience and who will periodically confer with the FAU faculty member on progress, performance, etc. of the student.
  4. Contract or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between FAU and the student’s college/university. (required to have access to our students and faculty). FAU will not take responsibility for initiating the required MOUs/contracts. All such contracts and MOUs must be reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel and signed by the Associate Provost. The student will be required to carry health and professional liability insurance and must meet applicable background check and immunization requirements as outlined in the contract/MOU.
  5. If the student requires access to a non-FAU clinical site (for example a nurse educator student in a clinical practicum course) the student’s college/university will need to initiate a contract with the clinical agency. (FAU agency contracts cover FAU students, FAU sites and FAU faculty only). The non-FAU student will be responsible for meeting all requirements of such clinical sites.
  6. The faculty member needs to submit the Report of Outside Employment or Activities even he/she is not paid for this service. This needs to be approved by the Provost’s Office prior to beginning preceptor responsibilities.