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Non-CE Educational Program Review

Student Led Non-CE Educational Program Guideline 

Non-CE Educational Programs offered/sponsored/hosted through the Christine E. Lynn College of 
Nursing are based upon the values of the University and the mission and philosophy of the college of nursing.
Underlying value themes include lifelong learning, advanced study, productive citizens, caring and 
respect for persons and environment.

Non-CE Educational Programs will:

  1. Collaborate with the community and colleagues in nursing and other disciplines to develop and implement programs which are relevant and reflect diversity and inclusivity.
    1. Utilize adult learning principles to develop and implement educational programs.
    2. Utilize multiple ways of knowing in responding critically and reflectively to calls for continued learning from the nursing community and society at large.
  2. Provide programs providing quality educational content which facilitates the learner’s professional nursing competence and lifelong learning needs.
  3. Demonstrate the complexity of caring through programs which promote social-cultural responsibility and accountability as a member of the nursing profession.
  4. Provide a caring-healing environment for learning through professional leadership and cultural sensitivity.

Organizational Structure/Lines of Authority
Students and/or student organizations work in concert with a faculty advisor when developing a Non-CE Educational Program
Non-CE Educational Programs are approved by the Dean of the College of Nursing following a review by the Faculty Advisor and the Committee on Students.
The Dean reports approved programs to the Faculty Assembly. 

Guidelines for Committee Review
Non-CE Educational Programs are reviewed by the Committee on Students to assure programs are based on the values of the University and the mission and philosophy of the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. Committee recommendations are forwarded to the Dean. 
It is recommended programs are submitted for review at least 1 month in advance.
Information required for Committee Review:


  1. Title of the presentation
  2. Objective(s)


  1. CV/Resume/Detailed Bio
  2. Conflict of Interest (COI) form

The committees individually reserve the right to request additional information as needed to inform decision-making.

Approved CON Faculty Assembly October 26, 2020