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Initiative for Intentional Health

The Initiative for Intentional Health (IHI) was established in 2004 to promote holistic health and well-being within the College, University and surrounding community through programs and initiatives. This focus is aligned with the College of Nursing’s definition of nursing as “nurturing the wholeness of person and environment through caring”. The mission of the IHI relates to the College’s dedication to caring. Caring for self, others and the environment are central to promoting health and well-being. The programs of the IHI are designed to encourage mindful engagement in caring for self and others, and focus on supporting human potential, self-knowledge, mindfulness and conscious living.

A cadre of nursing faculty have expertise in holistic health, and board certification in holistic nursing and Integrative Nurse Coaching.

The Initiative for Intentional Health also serves to support the educational focus areas of the College of Nursing including the Master of Science in Nursing concentration in Advanced Holistic Nursing preparing graduates for certification as advanced holistic nurses and integrative nurse coaches.

In addition, the IIH supports research within the College grounded in caring science and holistic health.
Our two-pronged approach includes:

  • Offering cost-effective classes and informational seminars to the College, University and community.
  • Inspiring research aligned with the holistic health focus area within the College of Nursing.