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Welcome to the Office of Nursing Research and Scholarship (ONRS) at the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. 

We work with faculty members to create a meaningful scholarship path, with research as the central activity and a vision for nursing knowledge development consistent with our strong appreciation for caring. Much of the work of this office is devoted specifically to the research endeavors of the faculty, providing a base of support for creative proposal planning and development, research completion, and dissemination of findings. The team critiques manuscripts and research proposals and also supports the scholarship of teaching. 

This portion of the College's web site provides information about the services of ONRS. We are here to assist you with your scholarly endeavors. Please feel free to contact the office with any questions you may have.

Goals of the Office are to:

  • Foster interest, energy and passion in research
  • Expedite preparation and submission of high-quality grant proposals
  • Support the creation/submission of quality manuscripts and presentations on nursing research
  • Stimulate the development of a community of scholars/researchers
  • Through dissemination, increase the knowledge base of nursing
  • Establish a repository of research resources
  • Enhance research skills and productivity through multidisciplinary teams

Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Research Focus Areas

In pursuit of growing our foundation of Caring Science, the research faculty of the CON support the following definition of caring science within these four research focus areas.

Caring Science: in the discipline of nursing, is the body of knowledge, arrived at through intentional research and theory development, focused on the relationship of caring to health, healing and well-being of the whole person within the context of the family, community, society and within the global environment.

Our research Focus Areas are:

  • Healthy Aging Across the Lifespan - Optimizing health across the lifespan, from conception to end of life.
  • Health Equity - Clarifying and eliminating health disparities associated with human uniqueness, such as ethnicity, race, socioeconomics, gender and age.
  • Holistic Health - Exploring and testing integrative approaches to health promotion and healing.
  • Transforming Healthcare Environments – Focusing on caring and healing environments, interprofessional collaboration and teamwork, nurse leader development, and best nursing practices effecting patient outcomes.  

research focus areas