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2020-2021 Selected Faculty Publications

Antonsdottir, I., Rushton, C. H., Nelson, K. E., Heinze, K. E., Swoboda, S. M., & Hanson, G. C. (2021). Burnout and moral resilience in interdisciplinary healthcare professionals. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 00, 1– 13. 
Barros, A. L .B. L., Silva, V. M., Santana, R. F., Cavalcante, A. M. R. Z., Vitor, A. F., Lucena, A. F., Napoleão, A. A., Lopes, C. T., Primo, C. C., Carmona, E. V., Duran, E. C. M., Butcher, H. K., Lopes, J. L., Díaz, L. J. R., Cubas, M. R., Brandão, M. A. G., Lopes, M. V. O., Nóbrega, M. M. L., Almeida, M. A., Souza, P. A., Butcher, R. C. G. S., Jensen, R., Silva, R. S., Morais, S. C. R. V., &  Santos, V. B. (2020). Brazilian Nursing Process Research Network contributions for assistance in the COVID pandemic. Revista Brasileira de Enfermagem, 73(Suppl 2): e20200798.    
Berger, K., Cianelli, R., Valenzuela, J., Villegas, N., Blazquez, C., Toledo, C., Ramirez-Barrantes, R. (2020). Motivation for critical thinking in nursing students in Chile. Hispanic Healthcare International.  
Betriana, F., Osaka, K., Matsumoto, K., Tanioka, T., & Locsin, R. C. (2020).  Relating Mori's Uncanny Valley in generating conversations with artificial affective communication and natural language processing.  Nursing Philosophy : An International Journal for Healthcare Professionals.  
Butcher, H. K., Bulechek, G. M., Dochterman, J. M, & Wagner, C. (eds.). (2020). NIC - Classificação das Intervenções de Enfermagem (7e). [portuguese translation]; Editora: GEN Guanabara Koogan. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  
Butcher, H. K., & Bulechek, G. M., Dochterman, J. M, Wagner, C. (Eds.). (2020). Classifizazione NIC Degli Interventi Infermieristici. 7e. [Italian Translation]. Casa Editrice Ambrosiana.  
Butcher, H. K., Bulechek, G. M., Dochterman, J. M., & Wagner, C. (Eds.). (2020). Verpleegkundige interventies (7th ed.) [Dutch translation]; H. Merkus, H. Lustig, W. Seunke, I. van Pinxteren, & M. Merkus-Römgens]. Amsterdam: Bohn Stafleu van Loghum, Houten. (original work published 2018).  
Chen, Y., Nasrawi, D., Massey, D. Johnston, A., Keller K., & Kunst, E. (2021). Final-year nursing students’ foundational knowledge and self-assessed confidence in interpreting cardiac arrhythmias: A cross-sectional study. Nurse Education Today, 97, 104699.  
Chiang-Hanisko, L. (2020). New challenges in a post-pandemic world for transcultural nurses. Journal of Transcultural Nursing. 31(5), 529.  
Clayton-Jones, D., Ong. L. Z., Garnier-Villarreal, M., Vick, L., Sawdy, R., George Dalmida, S. & Haglund, K.  (2021). Complementary and alternative medicine mind-body approaches used among racially and ethnically diverse adolescents, Journal of Pediatric Nursing, 61, 254-259.  
Daccarett, S., Wiese, L., & Ordóñez, M. (2021). Enhancing dementia education and cognitive screening in a Haitian population. Journal of Community Health Nursing, 38(2).    
Flanagan, J., Turkel, M., Rousell, L., & Smith, M. C. (2021). Nursing knowledge in the Doctor of Nursing Practice Curriculum. Nursing Science Quarterly,34(3), 268-274. 
Groton, D. B., Leavitt, M. A., & Opalinski, A. S. (2020). “You got to eat, but then what you are eating, it’s going to kill you”: Living with hypertension while experiencing homelessness. Public Health Nursing.    
Hain, D. & Suriaga, A. (2020). Regional workshops to widely disseminate an innovative practice. Innovation in Aging, 4. 760-761.    
Harris, N, Schaefer A. S., Gordon S. C., Esposito D., Harvey, K., Alderman P., Reif, J. S. (2020). Algal bloom-related illness: Improving health outcomes in primary care. Journal for Nurse Practitioners, 16(19), 679-682.  
Hawthorne, D., Joyner, R., Gaucher, E., and Liehr, P. (2020). Death of an infant: Accessing the voices of bereaved mothers to create healing. A qualitative study. Journal of Clinical Nursing.   
Heinze, K. E., Hansen, G., Holtz, H., Swoboda, S. & Rushton, C. H., (2020). Measuring interprofessionals' moral resilience: Introducing the Rushton Moral Resilience Scale. Journal of Palliative Medicine.    
Iqbal, S. M. A., Mahgoub, I., Du, E., Leavitt, M., & Asghar, W. (2021). Advances in healthcare wearable devices. npj Flex Electron 5, 9.   
Johansson, M. F., McKee, K. J., Dahlberg, L., Williams, C. L., Meranius, M. S., Hanson, E., Magnusson, L., Ekman, B., & Marmstal Hammar, L. (2021). A comparison of spouse and non-spouse carers of people with dementia: a descriptive analysis of Swedish national survey data. BMC Geriatrics, 21, 338.    
Jones T., Guzman, A., Silverman, T., Freeman, K., Kukafka, R., Crew, K. (2021). Perceptions of racially and ethnically diverse women at high risk of breast cancer regarding the use of a web-based decision aid for chemoprevention: Qualitative study nested within a randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research. 8;23(6):e23839.   
Jones, S. G., Jones, R., Fenkl, E. A., Lacroix-Williams, L., Simon, S., & Chadwell, K. (2020).  Acceptability of the "Love, Sex, & Choices" HIV Prevention Intervention by Hispanic female college students.  Hispanic Health Care International : The Official Journal of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses, 1540415320976644.    
Jones, T., Howard, H., Freeman-Costin, K., Creighton, A., Wisdom-Chambers, K., & Underhill-Blazey, M. (2021). Knowledge and perceptions of BRCA1/2 genetic testing and needs of diverse women with a personal or family history of breast cancer in South Florida. Journal of Community Genetics.   
Kaewkerd, O., Othaganont, P., & Williams, C.  (2021).   A mixed-method approach on secure attachment and its effects on caregivers of older adults living at home.  The Open Public Health Journal, 14.    
Kinchen, E., Lange, B., & Newman, D. (2020). Patient and provider decision-making experiences: A qualitative study. Western journal of nursing research, 193945920977476.    

Kirkpatrick, B., Foster, P. P., Cody, S., & George, S. (2021). Combating HIV stigma in Rural Alabama. In M. Silberberg (Ed.), Engaging the Intersection of Housing and Health. Cincinnati, OH: University of Cincinnati Press.  
Krause-Parello, C. A., Flynn, L., Moreno, S. J., Dillon, J., Hibler, D., Lapiz-Bluhm, M. D., Mullins, D. C., Peterson, A., Presciutti, R., & Weglicki, L. (2021). Operation PCOR: A community engagement project preparing veterans as full partners in PTSD-related research. Journal of Veterans Studies,7(1), pp. 14–22.    
Liehr, P., Matsuda, Y., Ito, M., Morris, K., Nishimura, C. & Takahashi, R. (2020). The power of documentary theatre to promote cross-national understanding: Personal impact of performing with their voices raised by Japanese and American youth actors. Journal of Holistic Nursing.      
Lozano, P., Butcher, H. K., Serrano, C., Carrasco, A., Lagares, C., Lusilla, P., & O’Ferral, C. (2021). Motivational interviewing: Validation of a proposed NIC nursing intervention in persons with a severe mental illness. International Journal of Nursing Knowledge.   
Malatyali, A. & Gordon, S. & Morris, J. & Wiese, L. & Williams, C. (2020). The influence of mental, physical, and social activity on episodic memory of Americans aged 50 and older.  Innovation in Aging. 4. 894-895.     
Mamom, J., Ruchiwit, M, & Hain D. (2020). Strategies of repositioning for effect pressure ulcer prevention in immobilized patients in home-based palliative care: An integrated review. Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand, 103, 111-117. 
Maungtoug, N., Othaganont, P & Liehr, P. (2021). Adding ritualized chanting to the palliative care of cancer patients at the end-of-life: A randomized controlled trial. Journal of Social Work in End-of-Life & Palliative Care.   
Nagata, M. & Liehr, P. (2020). Urban children’s well-being factors and qualities of being and doing in natural space: Nature immersion. Journal of Holistic Nursing.       

Opalinski, A., Groton, D., Linette, D. Newman, D. Pratt, B. & D'Avolio, D. (2021). Immersion experiences about homelessness and psychological processes of nursing students: A pilot study. Journal of Nursing Education, 60, 216-219.   
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Ouslander, J., Reyes, B.,Yang, Z., Engstrom, G.,Tappen, R., Newman, D. & Huckfeldt, P. (2021). Nursing home performance in a trial to reduce hospitalizations: Implications for future trials. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.   
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Omega (Westport).   
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Belitung Nursing Journal.   
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