College of Nursing Staff

  Alphabetical  Postion/Title  Contact Details
Bernadette Bastien Coordinator and Executive Assistant, Dean's Office   561-297-3207
Melissa Stires Director, Development   561-297-4641
Colleen Alcantara-Slocombe Secretary, Faculty   561-297-2872
Alison Heim Associate Director, Administrative Services   561-297-1110
Louisa Kelly Business Manager, Dean's Office   561-297-3265
Matthew Patterson Academic Advisor II   561-297-3261
Kyle Bryan Associate Director, Research Services & Programs   561-297-1204
Jony Singh Director, Information Technology & Privacy Officer   561-297-2785
Joseph Lotito Academic Advisor I: DNP Program Tracks   561-297-1109
Latchmin Harrilal Academic Paraprofessional Advisor: RN – BSN Track   561-297-3761
Javaris Hammond Academic Advisor II: BSN Program Tracks   561-297-4648
Jeaneen Muller Administrative Paraprofessional    561-297-2613
Valentine Etienne Associate Director, Academic Programs   561-297-3347
Asheria Jackson Clinical Administrator, Graduate Programs   561-297-1298
Cheré Williams Academic Advisor I: Pre-Licensure BSN Tracks   561-297-3263
Alice Montford Secretary, Faculty (Davie)   954-236-1276
Janice Miller Secretary, Faculty   561-297-2872
Craig Lasrado Assistant Director, Information Technology   561-297-3000
Gerardo Guzman Academic Advisor I   561-297-3131
Julie Finston Receptionist, Student Services   561-297-6261
Angelica Bennett Assistant Director of Research Programs/Services   561-297-2883

Memory and Wellness Center Staff

  Alphabetical  Postion/Title  Contact Details
María Ordóñez Director & Nurse Practitioner   561-297-0506
Bertha Tappen Clinic, Budget Coordinator   561-297-4067
Kathleen Mirrione Day Center, Recreation Therapist   561-297-4235
Ismo Hujanen Clinic, Project Assistant   561-297-4847
Krista Landells Day Center, Manager   561-297-0103
Tara Gregorovic Clinic, Office Manager   561-297-1283
Belinda Murray Day Center, Nurse   561-297-4380
Shari Sanzo Day Center, Activity Supervisor   561-297-4235
Barbara Weinberg Day Center, Case Manager   561-297-3591
Valerie Wilson Day Center, Activity Supervisor   561-297-4235
Anabelle Martinez Clinic, Scheduler   561-297-0932
Carolina Kaack Clinic, Nurse Practitioner   561-297-0503
Cheryl Falk Day Center, Nurse   561-297-0871
Connie Simonetti Clinic, Assistant to Clinical Practice   561-297-4876
Francy Fonseca Clinic, Neuropsychologist   561-297-3683
Jean-Claude Dutes Clinic, Cross-Cultural Psychologist   561-297-0503
Kiren Saigal Clinic, eClinical Works & Billing   561-297-4015
Luz Restrepo Clinic, Neuropsychologist   561-297-4804
Madeline Michel Clinic, Nurse Practitioner   561-297-1320
Margarita Filmer Clinic, Receptionist   561-297-0503
Sandra Daccarett Clinic, Nurse Practitioner   561-297-0503
Tena Wehrman Clinic, Assistant to Clinical Practice   561-297-4741
Patricia Ordonez Clinic, Community Care Coordinator   561-297-0502

Community Health Center Staff

  Alphabetical  Postion/Title  Contact Details
Lewis Green Medical Director   561-803-8880
Jessica Mendez Nurse Practitioner, Family & Clinical Director   561-803-8880
Julia Gorman Clinical Operations Specialist   561-803-8880
Helen C. Romanacce Social Worker   561-803-8880
Daryl Hobbs Nurse Practitioner, Family   561-803-8880
Michael Dumeng Medical Assistant   561-803-8880
Jean Sully Guerrier Medical Assistant   561-803-8880
Vincent Abad Psychiatrist   561-803-8880
María Ordóñez Nurse Practitioner, Geriatric/Psychiatric-Mental Health   561-803-8880