College of Nursing Staff

  Alphabetical  Postion/Title  Contact Details
Anthony Holmes Academic Advisor II, PBSN (Davie)   561-231-4097
Amanda Beasley Academic Advisor II, MSN Program   561-297-3261
Evan Lawrence Coordinator, Dean’s Office Administrative Services   561-297-2385
Lawrence Hughes IT Support Specialist   561-297-3000
Marqueshia Stallworth Academic Advisor II   561-297-3910
Bernadette Bastien Coordinator and Executive Assistant, Dean's Office   561-297-3207
Colleen Alcantara-Slocombe Background Check Specialist & Administrator   561-297-2872
Jony Singh Executive Director, Health IT & Privacy Officer   561-297-2785
Joseph Lotito Academic Advisor I: DNP Program Tracks   561-297-1109
Latchmin Harrilal Academic Paraprofessional Advisor: RN – BSN Track   561-297-3761
Javaris Hammond Director of Student Services   561-297-4648
Jeaneen Muller Engagement Coordinator   561-297-4593
Belinda Murray  Secretary, Student Services    561-297-6261
Valentine Etienne Director, Academic Programs   561-297-3347
Asheria Jackson Clinical Administrator, Graduate Programs   561-297-0178
Alice Montford Secretary, Faculty (Davie)   954-236-1276
Janice Miller Secretary, Faculty   561-297-2001
Craig Lasrado Database Administrator   561-297-2876
Gerardo Guzman Academic Advisor I   561-297-3131
Angelica Bennett Assistant Director of Research Programs/Services   561-297-2883
Alice Miehl Research Editor and Analyst   561-297-4832
Suzanne Ffolkes Assistant Dean of Strategic Affairs, Inclusivity and Community Engagement   561-297-2251
Debarshi Datta Postdoctoral Fellow   561-297-3566
Robson Lima Fiscal Administrative Coordinator   561-297-4966
Vanessa Robinson Program Coordinator (Davie)   561-609-7255
Alexandru Pasarariu Coordinator Administrative Services, Eminent Scholar's Office   561-297-3000
Veronica Diaz Instructional Designer (Davie)   954-236-1276
Farley Leiriao Senior Director of Financial Operations   561-297-3265
Franklin Babrove Assistant Director, Research Programs/Services   561-297-3498
Patricia Ford Senior Associate Director, Research Programs/Services   561-297-2048
Carla Davidson Academic Advisor II   954-236-1468
Joy Sessa Postdoctoral Fellow   954-540-6864
Marcie Hall Director of Development, College of Nursing   561-297-3955
Matthew Patterson Academic Advisor II   561-297-3261


Memory and Wellness Center Staff

  Alphabetical  Postion/Title  Contact Details
María Ortega Associate Dean of Clinical Practice; Director, MWC and Professor in the PTT   561-297-0506
Kiren Saigal Clinic, eClinical Works & Billing   561-297-4015
Madeline Michel Clinic, Nurse Practitioner   561-297-1320
Margarita Filmer Clinic, Receptionist   561-297-0503
Patricia Ordonez Clinic, Community Care, Supportive Services, & Outreach Coordinator   561-297-3916
Patricio Espinosa Prado Medical Director   561-297-0503
Betsy M Schwimmer Adult Day Center, Activity Assistant   561-297-0103
Concetta M Pilato Adult Day Center, Chair Yoga Instructor   561-297-0505
Beth M King Clinic, Associate Professor   561-297-3249
Earnestine Pinckney Adult Day Center, Activity Assistant   561-297-0103
Jo Ann Bamdas Clinic, Research Assistant   561-945-2266
Krista M. Landells Adult Day Center, Manager   561-297-0503
Lori R. Bargas Adult Day Center, Speech Pathologist   561-297-6074
Simion Sena Clinic, Assistant Data Specialist   561-297-0503
Sylvia Winsberg-Jameson Adult Day Center, Chair Yoga Instructor   561-297-0503
Lisa Kimberly Lashley Clinic, Neuropsychologist   561-297-0502
Kim Williams Ferreira Adult Day Center, Activity Assistant   561-297-0502
Brooke Collins Clinic Assistant/Scheduler   561-297-0502
Savannah Pressly Adult Day Center, Activity Assistant   561-297-0502
Frantzlida Joseph Assistant to the Clinical Practice   561-297-0502
Shianne Noel Assistant to the Memory and Wellness Center Director   561-297-0502
Keandra Browne Activity Assistant   561-297-0502
Candiest Pinchem Assistant to the Day Center Manager   561-297-0502
Deidre Johnson Clinic Assistant/Scheduler   561-297-0502


Community Health Center Staff

  Alphabetical  Postion/Title  Contact Details
Jessica Mendez Nurse Practitioner, Family & Clinical Director   561-803-8880
Goece Charles Registered Nurse, Community Health Center   561-803-8880
Julia Gorman Clinical Operations Specialist, Community Health Center   561-803-8880
Daryl Hobbs Nurse Practitioner, Family   561-803-8880
Jean Sully Guerrier Medical Assistant, Community Health Center   561-803-8880
Stephanie Flores Clinical Assistant Scheduler, Community Health Center   561-803-8880
Karethy Edwards Exec. Director, FAU/NW Community Health Alliance Community Health Center   561-803-8880
Karen Wisdom-Chambers Assistant Director, Community Health Center   561-803-8880
Vincent Abad Psychiatrist, Community Health Center
Vincent Abad
Kayla Sokolowski Community Health Navigator, Community Health Center   561-803-8880
Lindsey St Julien Student Clinical Assistant, Community Health Center   561-803-8880
Leon Proveda Family Medicine Physician, Community Health Center   561-803-8880
Marva Daniel-Cleophat Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner   561-803-8880
Kaelonni Dorcius Social Work Coordinator   561-803-8880
Patricia Dittman Diabetes Educator, Community Health Center
Patricia Dittman