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History & Introduction

College History

The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing is grounded in caring theory and has a rich and impressive history that continues to be written today.

In forty-five years, the College has grown from six to approximately 1,200 students, expanded its programs to include baccalaureate through doctoral, moved from a division in the College of Social Science to a free-standing College, expanded offerings to three campuses, established eminent scholar chairs and professorships focused on advancing nursing knowledge, and created five major centers/institutes that provide the opportunity for research, education, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

We remember and are grateful to local philanthropists Gene Lynn, Lucy Edmondson, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newman and Charles and Dorothy Schmidt, who in the late 1970s provided the money needed to begin this nursing program.

The story continues in Our New Home, which was made possible by a $10 million gift from Christine E. Lynn, and which was matched in full with state funding. This state-of-the-art facility allows us to address present, emerging, and future healthcare needs with passion and compassion.

Highlights of our History

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program originated as a Division within the College of Social Sciences at FAU.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Lynn provide a gift to create the first Christine E. Lynn Eminent Scholar Chair in Nursing, for the advancement of nursing knowledge.
Master of Science Degree program is approved.
Nursing becomes a freestanding College of FAU
The Doctor of Nursing Science degree program begins
Christine E. Lynn donates funding for new facility
Accelerated baccalaureate program is introduced
The new building for the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing is dedicated
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing replaces the Doctor of Nursing Science
Doctor of Nursing Practice is approved by Faculty and University Committees

Our Unique Focus on Caring

Guiding the philosophy and objectives of the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing is one prevailing concept:  caring.  It is caring that informs how we study nursing, how we practice our profession and how we interact with others throughout our lives.

At the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, we study caring as lived in the ordinariness of life and as a central domain of our profession. We recognize each individual as caring and uniquely connected with others and the environment. We also believe that every interaction we have with others is an opportunity to demonstrate and live this caring philosophy.

Our model for relating, The Dance of Caring Persons , pictorially demonstrates the importance of all persons to the accomplishment of the caring mission and goals of our College.

The Dance symbolizes our way of valuing each person's gift to nursing: Dean, faculty, students, provost, president, etc. are each in the circle to offer their special and unique contributions. These roles exist so that we can provide the highest quality educational programming for the needs of the healthcare profession, now and in the future. Our focus is on the person(s) nursed and the special contributions of nursing to nurturing the wholeness of persons and environment through caring.

Upon entering the College's Boca Raton campus, students, educators, alumni and visitors are greeted with a representation of The Dance depicted on the floor of our lobby. This artistic rendering is more than an appropriate greeting. It is a daily reminder of our focus, our purpose and our approach to nursing and to daily life.

Definition of Caring Science: Caring Science, in the discipline of nursing, is the body of knowledge, arrived at through intentional research and theory development, focused on the relationship of caring to health, healing and well-being of the whole person within the context of the family, community, society and within the global environment.

Dance of Caring Persons