About Us

The Florida Atlantic University Northwest Community Health Alliance (FAU/NCHA) Community Health Center has two sites -- one adjacent to Westgate Elementary School and the other at U.B. Kinsey Educational and Community Center in West Palm Beach. We provide an array of services, directed by advanced practice nurses in collaboration with other health care providers, that are community, family and person centered. Our center is certified by the American Diabetes Association to provide diabetes self-management training to patients, families and community members.

Our Center values the establishment and ongoing authentic relationship with our community partners. The Community Outreach Team travels throughout Palm Beach County to provide services right where people work and live. We provide early identification of physical, mental and chronic illness through health care screenings. Our dedicated team of professionals work with many partners to build strong and healthy communities.

Our Locations:

U.B. Kinsey Community Center 

720 Eighth Street

West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Contact us: (561) 803-8880


Westgate Community Health Center 

1650 Osceola Drive

West Palm Beach, FL 33409

(Next to Westgate Elementary School)



Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

After Hours Urgent Calls Only: (561) 409-7949


Services Provided:

Our providers are part of the interprofessional team working together with medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, etc.

Comprehensive Primary Care

  • value you as part of the healthcare team,
  • form a trusting relationship,
  • promote a holistic approach to health care,
  • offer person centered care including adult and pediatric health services,
  • manage acute and/or chronic conditions,
  • deliver the highest level of communication, education and support,
  • provide the latest evidence based care model


Mental Health

  • support comprehensive mind and body wellness,
  • serve adult and pediatric populations,
  • offer mental health services to include screening, evaluation and medication management.

Outreach and Community Engagement Services:

Based on our caring philosophy, the FAU/NCHA Community Health Outreach Team travels into the community to provide screening and early intervention for many physical, mental and chronic illnesses. The Outreach and Community Engagement Services focus on preventative health and referrals to Primary Care, Mental Health and Diabetes Management Services for long term health. Building a strong collaborative relationship with the community by working with individuals, families and groups is in accordance with our mission, vision and caring philosophy.  We

  • go into the communities where people live and work,
  • provide early identification of chronic illness and link clients to resources,
  • work with interprofessional teams to build healthy and strong communities.


Diabetes Management

Classes offered discuss current information to help you manage your diabetes and focus on:

  • Persons with pre-diabetes, diabetes and metabolic syndrome
  • Diabetes disease process and treatment options
  • Nutritional management into lifestyle
  • Physical activity into lifestyle
  • Safe medication management
  • Blood glucose monitoring
  • Minimize short and long term complications
  • Strategies for psychosocial issues and concerns
  • Personal strategies to promote health and behavior changes


Social Services

Our center is dedicated to our community and its improvement of lifestyle choices. To create the optional outcomes for our clients and families, we manage complex psychosocial, medical, and economic co-morbidities. We have joined forces with multiple community partners to increase resources that will reduce risk and improve health. This allows us to serve as your liaison between various organizations by removing barriers and enhancing support, not only in healthcare, but also with safety concerns.



We utilize telehealth to deliver health care, health information and health education with an emphasis on an interdisciplinary plan of care. Telehealth is a telecommunication form that increases the contact between a person and the medical system for distant health delivery and education in diverse settings. Our telehealth services encompass:

  • Live video conferencing (synchronous): a live two way interaction between a person and a provider using audio visual telecommunication technology.
  • Store-and-forward (asynchronous): a transmission of recorded health information through an electronic system to a practitioner who utilizes the information to evaluate and render services outside of a real-time or live interaction.
  • Mobile health (mHealth): health care and public health practice/education supported by mobile communication devices i.e. cell phones, tablets, and pda’s. Applications can range from targeted text messages that promote healthy behavior to wide scale alerts about disasters.


Genetic Testing

FAU/NCHA’s Community Health Center is now integrating pharmocogenetic testing as part of its psychiatric nurse-led precision care to guide personalized treatment. The Center utilizes a genetic test that analyzes how a persons’ genes can affect the way their unique body responds to FDA-approved medications. Medicines that align well with an individual’s genes may work better with fewer side effects.

GeneSight has four panels that the Center utilizes, including psychotropic, analgesic, ADHD and MTHFR panels -

  • The psychotropic panel is typically for clients who have been diagnosed with bipolar, psychosis, depression, PTSD, anxiety or other conditions.  It analyzes genes that can affect a patient’s response to antidepressant and antipsychotic medications. 
  • The Analgesic panel is for clients who have been diagnosed with acute or chronic pain. It analyzes how clients’ genes can affect possible response to opioids, NSAIDs and muscle relaxants.
  • The ADHD panel is for clients who have been diagnosed with ADHD. It analyzes genes that can affect a patient’s response to medications prescribed to treat ADHD.
  • The MTHFR panel provides information on the individual’s folic acid conversion.  It tests for genetic causes of folate deficiency, which may be more prevalent among depressed patients. 

As a result of the Center’s utilization of genetic testing, nurse practitioners are able to make precise treatment decisions, reach treatment goals sooner, and improve client outcome while decreasing health care costs. 


Clinical Training Site

We provide clinical training sites for FAU students and others to assist them in their Interprofessional Community Engagement and clinical training. We offer clinical training for students at various levels studying medicine, nursing, social work, and pharmacology. Students have opportunities to work alongside our nurse practitioners in the Westgate and U.B. Kinsey clinics, but also out in the community with our Outreach Team assisting with health care screenings at many partner sites.



Provide service to ALL persons regardless of their: Race, Color, Sex, Income, Religion, Disability, National Origin, Sexual Orientation, or ability to pay.

We accept insurance including: Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Health Care, Sunshine, Molina, Cenpatico and self-pay. We offer discounted fees for those who qualify based on income (sliding scale). Please call for more details and confirm your insurance company’s status.



Would you like to make a donation to further our work in the community?

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On behalf of our Director, staff, and all those that utilize our services, we would like to say…

Thank You!