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Nursing Research Posters Procedure

Marketing and Creative Services


Marketing and Creative Services has established procedures and guidelines for the design of research posters.


  1. Only posters intended for review outside the university community will be created by Marketing and Creative Services. We do not create posters for personal use or for class presentations or assignments.

  2. A set of templates has been designed for research posters. The option to change some colors and graphics can be discussed at the initial meeting with Marketing and Creative Services.

  3. Text to be included on the poster should be submitted in its most final form. Only minimal changes can be made once the text has been put into the layout of the poster. Text must be provided in Microsoft Word. All graphics, charts, diagrams etc. should be provided as an Adobe pdf file and all images should be in jpg format. We do not accept PowerPoint or Publisher files.

  4. The typical turnaround time for research posters is 2.5 weeks depending on the workload of the Marketing and Creative Services department. This does not include the printing time. In the event the Marketing and Creative Services design staff cannot take on the project due to workload issues, a freelance designer may be utilized.

  5. All project requests must be submitted using the Marketing and Creative Services work order ( The work order must include the index number for which all charges will be assessed. For projects that have extra finishing work or for multiple posters, we will need a signed Banner Purchase Requisition in order to obtain a PO number for vendor payment. The form along with all corresponding materials can be faxed to 561.297.2307. Please send all text, pdf and jpg files to Laurie Donahue at

  6. All billing/invoice information for the College of Nursing should be sent to Betty Woelfel,