3. Policies

3.1 CON Appointment and Promotion Guidelines for Clinical Affiliate and Affiliate Faculty
3.2 CON Faculty Workload Policy
3.3 Faculty Guidelines for Makeup Tests
3.4 Faculty Mentorship Program
3.5 Faculty Summer Assignments Guideline
3.6 Formal Complaint Process - Form
3.7 Poster Creation Procedure
3.8 Policy to Precept Students from Colleges/Universities Other Than FAU
3.9 CON Online Academic Integrity Policy
3.10 CON Graduate Transfer Credit Policy
3.11 Non-CE Education Program_approved CON FA Oct 26 20
3.12 Policy Regarding Admission of Master's and Post Master's Certificate Students
3.13 Consent Agenda Policy for Faculty Assembly
3.14 Policy on Communicating College of Nursing Changes in Policy and Other Communication that Affects Students