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Florida Atlantic University

Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Policy for Filing a Formal Complaint

We define a formal complaint as a written report from a student or other constituent that expresses a serious concern about the quality of any of our nursing programs or the  conduct of a faculty member or student.

Process for Filing:

  1. The first step in any disagreement or conflict is to directly discuss it with the person/s involved.
  2. If there has not been satisfactory resolution, the complainant may utilize the appropriate process in the applicable University or College Regulation or policy for resolution. For example, there is an Honor Code and grade dispute Regulation (4.001), special circumstances withdrawal Regulation (Regulation 4.013), anti-discrimination Regulation (5.010), and others.  See http://www.fau.edu/policiesregulations.php for University Regulations and Policies.  See http://nursing.fau.edu/ for College student handbooks and policies.  
  3. If there is no University or College regulation or policy to govern the nature of the complaint, this form should be completed and forwarded the Dean’s Office. The Dean investigate and will maintain a file of all formal complaints and resolutions.


Formal Complaint Form


Name of Person Filing Complaint : ____________________________ 


Program (if student): ________________________________________


If you are not a student, what is the nature of your relationship to the College:




Email Address: ____________________

Phone: __________________________


In your own words, and as concisely as possible, please describe the nature of the complaint:


What have you done so far to resolve this complaint directly with persons involved or  through established University procedures?