2. Faculty Evaluation

2.1 Criteria for Annual Faculty Evaluations and Distribution of Merit Salary Increases
2.2 Annual Faculty Self Evaluation Template
2.3 Recommended Template for Curriculum Vitae
2.4 FAU 2016-2017 Curriculum Vitae template
2.5 College of Nursing Guidelines for Faculty Appraisal for Appointment, Promotion and Tenure (Tenure Track Guidelines) 

2.6 College of Nursing Guidelines for Appointment and Promotion to Practice-Teaching Track (Non-Tenure Track Guidelines)

2.7 Guidelines for Third Year Review Toward Tenure
2.8 Statement on Scholarly Practice
2.9 Appointment of Adjunct Faculty
2.10 Guidelines for Adjunct Faculty Evaluation
2.11 Policy for Peer Review of Teaching
2.12 College of Nursing Sustained Performance Evaluation Policy
2.13 P&T and Interfolio Information and Help Documents
2.14 Interfolio Login