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Florida Atlantic University
Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Policy for Peer Review of Faculty Teaching Effectiveness


The purpose of this policy is to provide a method for faculty to be supported by colleagues by assisting faculty to achieve the highest level of teaching excellence. The peer review is designed to be a positive, instructive process and is not to be used as a punitive measure. There is a separate evaluation form for classroom and on-line teaching.



  1. One peer review of tenure earning, visiting, and full time clinical faculty is expected each calendar year, preferably the first semester for new faculty. (Adjunct faculty will be evaluated by their respective assistant deans or directors.)
  2. Faculty who are tenured and at the associate or full professor level are expected to have a minimum of one peer review every 3 years and as needed.
  3. All tenured faculty are expected to function as peer reviewers, completing an estimated 3 reviews each calendar year.
  4. Annually at the first faculty assembly, peer reviews for the year will be scheduled.
  5. The faculty member will provide the peer reviewer with a copy of the syllabus, handouts, verbal feedback about the course and any evaluation tools pertinent to the course at the time of review.
  6. On-Line Courses: The faculty member will provide the login data for the course to be reviewed. All components of the course may be reviewed.
  7. Students in traditional and on-line courses will be notified that a peer reviewer will be attending class.
  8. The peer reviewer will share the review with the faculty member (if possible in a face-to-face format).



Approved 2/27/06