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CON Online Academic Integrity Policy 

To verify that the student who registers in a distance education course or program is the same student who participates in and completes the course or program and receives the credit, Florida Atlantic University and the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing use a secure login and passcode system.

FAU's secure unified username and password system applies not only to distance education students, but to all students at FAU. The system deploys single sign-on technologies to grant users access to FAU resources. Passwords are known only to the user of the account. The username, known as the FAUNet ID, is activated upon the student’s admission to the University and is required to gain access to the systems where academic coursework is completed. The Office of Information Technology Accounts Website details the services, procedures, and policies related to FAUNet ID.

Students are required to use the FAUNet ID system for registration, for access to eCollege and Blackboard (the two learning management systems used by FAU and the College to provide access to distance learning materials), and for access to exams in distance or on-campus programs that allow exams to be taken online. The login and passcode system ensures that all students, including distance learning students, are properly authenticated before using online services and systems.

In addition, individual faculty members may use a variety of additional security options including: proctored exams, restricted IP address where students can access exams, exam-specific passwords, browser lockdowns, random ordering of questions, exam time limits, limiting release of exam questions and/or answers, etc. 

Finally, FAU students are required to abide by FAU Regulation 4.001, the Code of Academic Integrity. This regulation establishes the University's expectation that students will complete their own exams, and covers procedures followed by faculty in the event of suspected violations of the code.

Approved Executive Committee 10/14/13
Approved Faculty Assembly 10/28/13