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Consent Agenda

Adopted Special Order:

“A consent agenda may be presented by the Faculty Assembly Leader  at the beginning of a meeting of the Faculty Assembly. Items may be removed from the consent agenda on the request of any one faculty member. Items not removed may be adopted by general consent without debate. Removed items may be taken up either immediately after the consent agenda or placed later on the agenda at the discretion of the assembly.

How are consent items handled?

Agenda items for the consent agenda should be known in advance and distributed with an agenda in sufficient time to be read by all members one week prior to the meeting.  Items submitted for the consent less than one week prior to the faculty assembly meeting will be placed on the general agenda. 


When preparing the meeting agenda, the faculty convener determines, in consultation with faculty submitting agenda items for consideration, whether an item belongs on the consent agenda. In order for Standing Committees to submit an item for the Consent Agenda, minutes must reflect that the committee has positively recommended the item go forward as a consent agenda item.

A numbered list of the consent items is prepared as part of the meeting agenda.

  1. The list and supporting documents are included in the agenda package in one week prior to the meeting.
  2. At the beginning of the meeting, the faculty convener asks assembly members what items they wish to be removed from the consent agenda and discussed individually.
    1. “Are there any items to be removed from the consent agenda?”
  3. If any faculty member requests that an item be moved from the consent agenda, it must be moved.
    1. The Faculty convener might say “Are there any items to be moved?”
    2. Any faculty member who wishes to remove an item might simply call our “Number 3”
    3. The faculty convener might respond “Number three is moved and announce where on the agenda the item is to be placed.
    4. The Faculty convener might then say “Are there any other items to be moved?”

Faculty Assembly Members may request that an item be removed for any reason:

  • discuss the item
  • query the item
  • register a vote against the item


  1. When there are no more items to be moved, the faculty convener reads out the numbers of the remaining consent items.
  • Then the convener states: “If there is no objection, these items will be adopted.”
  • After pausing for any objections, the chair states “As there are no objections, these items are adopted.” It is not necessary to ask for a show of hands.


  1. When preparing the minutes, the Secretary includes the full text of the resolutions, reports or recommendations that were adopted as part of the consent agenda.
  2. What belongs on the consents agenda:
  • Approval of the minutes;
  • Final approval of proposals or reports that the faculty has been working on for some time and all members are familiar with the implications;
  • Routine matters such as appointments to committees;
  • Reports provided for information only;
  • Motions from standing committees that are not controversial


  1. What does not belong:
  • Curriculum changes
  • Motions from standing committees that are controversial


  1. The Consent Agenda will appear as part of the Faculty Assembly agenda:

Approval of the Consent Agenda: (example items)

  1. Minutes of the {Month, day, year} Faculty Assembly Meeting
  2. Reports


  1. Approval of the Consent Agenda
  • The Assembly Leader will ask for a motion for approval of consent agenda. (That means someone moves to accept all items listed under the consent agenda.)
  • Once someone makes a motion and there is a second to the motion, the board chair asks if there is any item that anyone wants removed to the full agenda. ( see example language above).
  • If no one asks that something be removed from the consent agenda, then the Assembly faculty leader will call for a vote and all items are accepted/approved in one motion.



Reviewed and amended Faculty Assembly Meeting March, 28. 2015

Approved Faculty Assembly Meeting October 27, 2014