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To: Faculty and Staff

From:   Testing & Evaluation
Date:    April 30, 2007


It is the time of the semester that Testing and Evaluation is at peak student traffic.  Early registration and final exams run concurrently.  We are circulating a memo to assure both students and faculty are accommodated in a timely, accurate, and secure manner.  We have had an overwhelming amount of students coming in to take make-up exams.  While we would like to accommodate the students and yourself, we regret we do not have the resources and facilities to accommodate large groups of students.


In addition to make-up testing, we also administer numerous computer-based tests to internal and external candidates on a regular basis.  In order to maintain department integrity, it is imperative that make-up testing guidelines are followed.  Testing & Evaluation may not be used as a repository for tests.  Exams will not be accepted by Testing & Evaluation without specifically designating students' names.


When sending students over for make-up testing, please follow these guidelines:


  • Faculty must provide students' names on tests to ensure that only students designated by an instructor with prior authorization may take exams. Exams will not be accepted by the Testing & Evaluation Department without students' names.
  • Make-up testing should be used for extenuating circumstances and not as an alternative for classroom testing, as space is limited.
  • Do not send entire classes to take make-up tests. Final exams must be administered in the classroom at the designated time during Finals' Week.
  • All make-up testing, except for the final exam, must be completed before Finals' Week begins.
  • Professors should pick up make-up tests periodically; do not let the tests accumulate the entire semester.
  • Make sure enough copies of tests correspond to the number of students authorized to take tests. The Testing & Evaluation Department cannot copy tests.
  • Tests to be administered by the Testing & Evaluation Department must be at least 30 minutes in length. Please do not leave short quizzes to be administered.  This will help reduce distractions to other students that are in the process of testing.


The Testing & Evaluation Department is open to all professors and their students.  Following these guidelines will help maintain the quality of our service, test security, and student satisfaction.  Thank you for following the requested guidelines.