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Andra Opalinski

Andra Opalinski, PhD, ANRP, CPNP-PC, NC-BC, Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing

Dr. Andra Opalinski is dedicated to serving community health needs of vulnerable and underserved populations. By combining meaningful community connections, extensive clinical experience in health coaching and pediatric care, and student learning experiences, she has increased access to care for both adults experiencing homelessness and children in under resourced communities. Her drive to create solutions to care for the needs of persons experiencing homelessness has been recognized by the National Academy of Medicine. Her research looks at the challenges of experiencing homelessness in South Florida. Dr. Opalinski is currently conducting a study exploring therapeutic alliance between persons experiencing homelessness and community health workers. In addition, given the tragic events in South Florida in recent months and the current call for increasing mental health services for children and adolescents within school environments, she is working with community partners to envision creative solutions to incorporating mental health promotion programs in schools and educational settings. Dr. Opalinski’s work is framed in the perspective of social justice and pairing student learning experiences with meeting community health needs.