Accelerated Overview

**We offer three types of entry into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN): Freshman Direct Admit, Accelerated BSN and RN-BSN. We do not have a Traditional BSN track.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Accelerated track (BSN) is specifically designed for the student with a baccalaureate degree in another field who wants to become a Registered Nurse. This limited-access program is a fast track to a professional nursing career. It is an intensive four-semester program of full-time academic study for motivated individuals looking for a challenging and stimulating career in nursing.

Applicants with a degree can only apply to the Accelerated track. Due to the intensity of the track, the College of Nursing strongly recommends that students refrain from working throughout the duration of the track. 

The Christine E Lynn College of Nursing is pleased to announce that starting in Fall 2024 the Accelerated BSN track will be offered on the Boca and Davie campuses.  The Accelerated BSN is a full-time program.

Fall 2024 Application Cycle    

Boca Raton campus applications open Sept 1, 2023 - February 1, 2024

Davie campus applications open October 2, 2023 - March 4, 2024.

For the Pre-Licensure Accelerated Plan of Study, go to:  Acc BSN Plan

Admission Criteria

 To be considered for admission to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science (BSN) Track the following factors are required. Applications not meeting these criteria will not be reviewed:

An obtained Bachelor’s degree with a cumulative 3.0 or higher

  • Prerequisite Science GPA: 3.0 or higher
  • Personal interview (not all applicants are invited to interview)
  • All prerequisites must be completed with a C or better.

Admission Decision Criteria

This is a limited-access program and we receive many more qualified applications than available spaces. Admission decisions are based on the following:

  • Cumulative undergraduate GPA.
  • Pre-requisite science GPA
  • Personal interview


All prerequisites must be completed with a solid C or better.

General Education Requirements (Must be successfully completed at the time of application to the Nursing Program)

Prerequisite Science GPA: 3.0 or higher     

Prerequisites that are repeated will be averaged

Science Prerequisite:


Anatomy and Physiology, I & II with labs


Microbiology with lab

English Composition I & II

College Algebra or
Math for Liberal Arts or higher

Introduction to Sociology


Introduction to Psychology

Chemistry with lab

Human Growth & Development through the Life Span


  • Human Growth Development- must cover the development of an individual from birth to death in one course
  • Special topics nutrition courses will not satisfy this requirement
    • PET3361 Nutrition in Health and Exercise will not count toward Nutrition
  • Must have an introductory sociology course
  • We only accept credits for regionally accredited institutions
  • We do not accept courses taken through Portage Learning to satisfy the required prerequisites. Courses taken directly with Geneva College as a degree-seeking student are accepted.

If you like to verify your courses, please visit the sites below. Please note that all courses have not been articulated in the database.

Application Process

Prerequisite and Bachelor Degree Deadline

It is strongly recommended that all prerequisites and Bachelor's degrees be completed/earned by December 31.  We will review applicants who are graduating in the spring semester.

The college will only allow two prerequisites in progress in the spring semester and only one can be from the science prerequisites.

If you have courses or bachelor's degrees that are projected to be completed in spring, please ensure that your transcripts show that your courses/degree are in progress for spring.

**Don’t submit final transcripts until your degree is confirmed or spring courses are displayed on transcripts

Accelerated BSN Application Process

STEP 1: Complete the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing application via Nursing CAS:

  1. The first step to applying to the Accelerated BSN program is through Nursing CAS, not FAU. Applications that are sent to FAU (during the Nursing CAS application period) will not be reviewed. Applicants can only apply during an open application period.
  2. To create a Nursing CAS account visit:
  3. Once the Nursing CAS account is created, applicants must choose the correct program and track: (BSN, Accelerated). Make sure you are applying and selecting the desired campus that you would like to attend (Boca or Davie Campus).
    ** Please note students are not allowed to attend courses on other campuses. You will have to attend course on the campus that you are admitted in. You will not be able to change campuses unless there is space available and has been approved by Admission, Progression and Retention Subcommittee (APR).
  4. Applicants must submit all official transcripts from each university attended to Nursing CAS:
    • PO Box 9201 Watertown, MA 02471
  5. Ensure all sections on the application checklist have been successfully completed.
    • NOTE: applicants cannot edit their Nursing CAS application after it has been submitted.
  6. Allow 4-6 weeks for Nursing CAS to verify your application from the time of submission.
    • Applications not verified by the application deadline will not be reviewed.
  7. During the application process, official transcripts should only be sent to Nursing CAS, not FAU.  Once an applicant is admitted, they will be prompted to send their official transcripts to the FAU admissions office.

STEP 2: Verified” NursingCAS application.

  1. The college will review all verified applications after the deadline.
  2. Students who meet all minimum admission requirements at that time will be invited to participate in a live virtual interview.
  3. All eligible applicants will be contacted to schedule an interview. Selected applicants are invited to interview 4 – 6 weeks after the application cycle closes.
  4. Students who do not reach the “verified” status in NursingCAS by the deadline will not have the opportunity to interview or be considered eligible for the current cycle.

STEP 3: Selected applicants are invited to interview 4 – 6 weeks after the application cycle closes. 

STEP 4: When the applicant receives a preliminary acceptance, the final step in the admission process is the level two federal background checks and fingerprinting. Explicit directions will be provided in the letter of preliminary acceptance.

  • When the background check and fingerprinting are cleared, the Admission, Progression and Retention Sub-Committee will then offer the student full admission into the Accelerated Track. The cost of all components of these procedures including any repeat procedures if needed is the responsibility of the applicant/student.

*Civic Literacy is not a part of the BSN Accelerated Application. Applicants are encouraged to wait until they are accepted into the BSN program. Once accepted, students are able to take the Civic Literacy Test for free at the FAU testing center.

For questions regarding the application process, please contact the college's Accelerated Academic Advisor, Javaris Hammond at 

Information sessions

Information Sessions  (See link below for Sign up)

Accelerated BSN Information sessions will be hosted via Zoom

Click here to sign up for Information Session 

FAU Group Advising

Group Advising is only for non-nursing FAU students who are currently enrolled or alumni. The student must have attended an information session in order to be eligible. Please be aware that we will only be going over courses. Student must submit their information 24 hours before the session in order for the advisor to review their courses.

Click here to sign up for Group Advising Session 


Pre-Licensure Accelerated BSN Curriculum Plan Attached

BSN Program: 60 credit hours

Note: *The official Flight Plan is reviewed with the student by the advisor, is filed with the Florida Board of Governors, and also found at Pre-requisite and co-requisite course information is officially found in the Catalog.

UPC Transfer Credit Policy


What if my GPA is less than 3.0? 

For students interested in the Accelerated Track, the minimum overall (cumulative) GPA must be 3.0 from your previous degree. A grade of ‘C’ must be earned in all prerequisites and required course work for the BSN program.


I took Civics during my 1st bachelor’s degree, do I still need to take it?

Based on information given from the FAU Registrar’s office; if a student graduated from a Florida State college or community college then they do not have to complete the Civics requirement.

If a student did not graduate from a Florida state university or community college, then they must complete only one of the following:

  1. Successfully pass AMH 2020
  2. Successfully pass POS 2041
  3. CLEP (test out) of US Government
  4. Take the Civics Literacy Exam

More information on this state rule can be found here:

Civics FAQS:

Only registered FAU students can take the Civics Literacy Test at the FAU Testing Center

a.       CLEP is available for non-FAU students at the FAU Testing Center


What does the track cost? 
Tuition cost is per credit hour along with required fees. Tuition information can be found in the FAU University Catalog under  Tuition, Fees, and Refunds

 Accelerated Track Estimated Costs by Semester -Click HERE

 Accelerated Track Estimated Costs by Semester without books - Click HERE

 (Estimated costs do not include housing or cost of personal transportation to clinical sites)


Are there scholarships? 
There are scholarships available. Please click on Financial Aid & Student Scholarships.


What if I have completed all items and am ready to apply to Nursing CAS?

Applicants can only apply to Nursing Cas during an open application period. If an applicant has all items completed, they can proceed to apply through Nursing CAS.


Do I need to apply to FAU first before going into Nursing CAS?

No. Only applicants who are offered a seat in the nursing program will have to apply to FAU and send their transcripts to the university admissions office– this occurs only after a seat has been offered.


What if I still have prerequisites left, and need to speak to an advisor?

Applicants can email Nursing, for questions regarding program information and prerequisites. 


What are the hours of the program (or how much time will be involved)? 

Depending upon the study, you will spend approximately 24 - 40 hours per week in classes and clinical nursing practice, which does not include study time. Study time is in addition to the 40 hours. For the Accelerated and Traditional tracks, we do not recommend working while in the BSN program. For the Freshmen Direct Admission track, students may be able to work during the freshmen year; however, during sophomore, junior and senior years after that we do not recommend working while in the BSN program. 

Our nursing practice sites are dependent on the location and may vary year to year. In general, nursing practice courses are from 6:30 am to 7pm and are at least 3 days per week and it is possible that there will be clinical nursing practice on weekends. 

A general rule of thumb for study time is for each credit hour, a student needs to study/complete assignments three hours to earn a ‘C’. So, for courses that are classroom (didactic) for 12 credit hours, a student needs to study 36 hours per week to earn ‘C’s.


Do I have to take my prerequisites at FAU? 

In addition to FAU, we accept prerequisites from state universities and community colleges.


Can I transfer nursing courses from a different school to FAU? (pathophysiology, pharm, health assessment, etc.) 

Nursing courses from other institutions are nontransferable. New students will be required to complete all of the 60 credit hour courses within the accelerated BSN track.


Do you have dorms on campus? 

FAU has dorms. If you are interested in living on campus, please contact the FAU Department of Housing and Residential Education


Will I need to send immunization records for FAU Student Health? 

Immunization information is at:


Will I be required to complete a background check and drug testing?

Part of the admission process is that each student must undergo a background check and drug testing. You will be given more information about this as you progress through the process.

Javaris Hammond

Javaris Hammond

Director of Student Services

Phone: 561-297-6261

Fax: 561-297-3652