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BSN to M.S. in Artificial Intelligence Degree

The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing and the College of Engineering and Computer Science (COECS) offer a combined Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence degree program. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will be completed and received from the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. Students will do the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence in the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at FAU and will receive the master’s degree from the COECS.

Students may count up to 9 credits of approved graduate coursework (5000 level or higher) toward both their bachelor's and master's degrees as long as the combined program totals a minimum of 150 credits and:
1. The student has met the minimum 120 credits for the bachelor's degree; and
2. The student has taken a minimum of 30 credits in 5000 level or higher courses for the master's program.

Students must complete the prerequisite coursework for the master’s degree while pursuing the bachelor’s degree at the College of Nursing. This combined program provides an attractive way for students to continue their graduate work. Students complete the undergraduate program first. The combined program can be completed in approximately five years.

Admission Requirements

The GRE requirement is waived for this combined program. To be eligible for the combined program, the bachelor’s students in the College of Nursing should:
1. Have a cumulative FAU GPA of 3.25 or better at the end of their junior year. Note that the cumulative FAU GPA of at least 3.25 must be maintained until the completion of the bachelor's degree in the College of Nursing. 

2. Formally apply to the combined program, completing the admissions process at least one semester prior to the beginning of the M.S. portion of their program.

Students in the combined program must maintain continuous enrollment to remain in good standing. Students must also meet all the degree requirements of the graduate program they have chosen, including prerequisite courses. 

Degree Requirements
To be eligible for the combined B.S. in Nursing to M.S. in Artificial Intelligence Degree Program, students must fulfill the following requirements:
1. Completion of the requirements for the B.S. in Nursing in the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, and other requirements stipulated by the University and College
2. Completion of all requirements for the M.S. in Artificial Intelligence program in the CEECS department, on either the thesis or non-thesis option.


Table 1. Prerequisite courses to be completed during the bachelor’s degree

Prerequisite Courses

MAC 2233 Methods of Calculus

COP 2034 Introduction to Programming in Python

COP 3043 Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis with Python

Plan of Study for the BSN in Nursing to M.S. with Major in Artificial Intelligence


Sample Career Opportunities:

    • Clinical Analyst
    • Clinical Systems Specialist
    • Nursing Informatics Specialist 
    • Clinical Informatics Coordinator
    • Director Clinical Informatics

See U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for Salary Information

Information and Advising (Combined bachelor's and master's engineering degree program only)

o If students need assistance regarding the Graduate part of the program (i.e. to apply to the MS AI/BME program, or help in selecting and registering for graduate courses), then the contact person is Ms. Jean Mangiaracina ( The best way to reach out to Ms. Jean Mangiaracina is by email. 

The Engineering Office is located on the Boca Raton Campus, Room EE 102. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. Appointments are recommended. Program information on the website: