BSN Accelerated Track Frequently Asked Questions

What if my GPA is less than 3.0? 

For students interested in the Accelerated Track, the minimum overall (cumulative) GPA must be 3.0 from your previous degree. A grade of ‘C’ must be earned in all prerequisites and required course work for the BSN program.


 I took Civics during my 1st bachelor’s degree, do I still need to take it?

Based on information given from the FAU Registrar’s office; if a student graduated from a Florida State college or community college then they do not have to complete the Civics requirement.

If a student did not graduate from a Florida state university or community college, then they must complete only one of the following:  

a.       Successfully pass AMH 2020,

b.      Successfully pass POS 2041

c.       CLEP (test out) of US Government

d.      Take the Civics Literacy Exam

  More information on this state rule can be found here:

  Civics FAQS:

  Only registered FAU students can take the Civics Literacy Test at the FAU Testing Center

a.       CLEP is available for non-FAU students at the FAU Testing Center


What does the track cost? 
Tuition cost is per credit hour along with required fees. Tuition information can be found in the FAU University Catalog under  Tuition, Fees, and Refunds

 Accelerated Track Estimated Costs by Semester -Click HERE

 Accelerated Track Estimated Costs by Semester without books - Click HERE

 (Estimated costs do not include housing or cost of personal transportation to clinical sites)


Are there scholarships? 
There are scholarships available. Please click on Financial Aid & Student Scholarships.


What if I have completed all items and am ready to apply to Nursing CAS?

If an applicant has all items completed, then they can go directly into the Nursing CAS application and apply to the program. Applicants no longer need an FAU email address to apply.


Do I need to apply to FAU first before going into Nursing CAS?

No. Only applicants who are offered a seat in the nursing program will have to apply to FAU and send their transcripts to the university admissions office– this occurs only after a seat has been offered.


What if I still have prerequisites left, and need to speak to an advisor?

For official transcript advising, please email Chere Robinson at 


What are the hours of the program (or how much time will be involved)? 

Depending upon the study, you will spend approximately 24 - 40 hours per week in classes and clinical nursing practice, which does not include study time. Study time is in addition to the 40 hours. For the Accelerated and Traditional tracks, we do not recommend working while in the BSN program. For the Freshmen Direct Admission track, students may be able to work during the freshmen year; however, during sophomore, junior and senior years after that we do not recommend working while in the BSN program. 

Our nursing practice sites are dependent on the location and may vary year to year. In general, nursing practice courses are from 6:30 am to 7pm and are at least 3 days per week and it is possible that there will be clinical nursing practice on weekends. 

A general rule of thumb for study time is for each credit hour, a student needs to study/complete assignments three hours to earn a ‘C’. So, for courses that are classroom (didactic) for 12 credit hours, a student needs to study 36 hours per week to earn ‘C’s.


Do I have to take my prerequisites at FAU? 

Students can take pre-requisites at another school and apply to FAU once completed. However, priority may be given to students who are FAU natives (have taken 30+ credit hours/pre-requisites at FAU). All prerequisites must be successfully completed at the time of application.


Do you have dorms on campus? 

FAU has dorms. If you are interested in living on campus, please contact the FAU Department of Housing and Residential Education


Will I need to send immunization records for FAU Student Health? 

Immunization information is at:


Will I be required to complete a background check and drug testing?

Part of the admission process is that each student must undergo a background check and drug testing. You will be given more information about this as you progress through the process (Background Check & Health Records).