Application Process

Freshman Direct Admit: For applicants graduating from high school May/June 2021

Deadline Fall 2021

To be considered for the Direct Admit Program, The College of Nursing will offer two application deadlines which are December 4th and February 15th. If students submit late or incomplete applications for the 12/4 deadline, they will subsequently have until 2/15 to submit all required documents to be considered for the Freshmen Direct Admit program. 

Step oneApply to Florida Atlantic University.

Step two: The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Admission, Progression and Retention Sub-Committee will offer preliminary acceptance to the applicants who meet or exceed the admission review criteria.

  1. When the applicant receives a preliminary acceptance, the final step in the admission process is the level two federal background checks and fingerprinting. Explicit directions will be provided in the letter of preliminary acceptance.
  2. When the background check and fingerprinting are cleared, the Admission, Progression and Retention Sub-Committee will then offer the student full admission into the Freshman Direct Admit Track. The cost of all components of these procedures including any repeat procedures if needed is the responsibility of the applicant/student.