1.      Do all of my prerequisite courses need to be completed before I apply?

Applicants can apply for admission to the RN-BSN Track in the Nursing major before or after completion of all prerequisites.  The plan-of-study will be individualized based upon progression and graduation requirements.


2.      Do I have to follow a specific course plan of studies?

Yes.  There are four plans of study and the student with the help of the advisor chooses one for completing the program:  3 semesters, 4 semesters, 5 semesters or 6 semesters.  


3.      How are courses delivered?

The RN-BSN track is offered 100% online.


4.      Is there a specific semester to start the program?  

Applicants for the RN-BSN track can begin any semester (spring, summer or fall).  A word of caution here:  you must apply by the published FAU application deadline, be admitted to FAU first, and then apply to the RN-BSN track.


5.      How many clinical courses are required?

The only clinical course required in the RN-BSN Track is NUR 4829L - Nursing Practice Immersion.  Community and population health settings are used for this RN-BSN immersion experience.


6.      Can I use my background check from work so I don’t have to repeat it? 

No. The State of Florida protects your sensitive information. The VECHS waiver that you sign protects use of your background check and fingerprint information only for the purpose for which it was intended.  For your employer, that was the purpose: employment. They would be breaking the law to share it with you to give to the College of Nursing. You do need to repeat the fingerprinting and background check as a condition of admission.


7.      Is drug testing required?



8.      Am I required to have proof of updated immunization?