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All prerequisites must be completed with a solid C or better.


General Education Requirements (Must be successfully completed at the time of application to the Nursing Program)

Prerequisite Science GPA: 3.0 or higher     


Science Prerequisite:


Anatomy and Physiology, I & II with labs


Microbiology with lab

English Composition I & II

College Algebra or
Math for Liberal Arts or higher

Introduction to Sociology


Introduction to Psychology

Chemistry with lab

Human Growth & Development through the Life Span


  • Human Growth Development- must cover the development of an individual from birth to death in one course
  • Special topics nutrition courses will not satisfy this requirement
    • PET3361 Nutrition in Health and Exercise will not count toward Nutrition
  • Must have an introductory sociology course
  • We only accept credits for regionally accredited institutions
  • We do not accept courses taken through Portage Learning to satisfy the required prerequisites. Courses taken directly with Geneva College as a degree-seeking student are accepted.

If you like to verify your courses, please visit the sites below. Please note that all courses have not been articulated in the database.