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RN-BSN Prerequisites

Prerequisite Requirements
Prerequisites may be completed after admission into the RN-BSN Track

Other Requirements for Graduation (can be taken prior to admission or while in the BSN program); or will be satisfied with an AA degree from a Florida public community college, state college or university

Anatomy and Physiology I & II with labs

Foundations of Global Citizenship (6)

Microbiology with lab

Foundations of Humanities (6)

Chemistry (no lab required for RN-BSN track only)

 Civic Literacy Requirement:   

College Algebra or Math for Liberal Arts






English Composition I & II


Introduction to Sociology


Introduction to Psychology


Human Growth & Development Through the Life Span


FAU Catalog: This links you to the FAU catalog course descriptions and other requirements for graduation: 

Thirty (30) credit hours of upper division course work must be completed at FAU in order to be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree. If you are transferring in with an Associate of Arts from a non-public Florida University or an Associate of Science from any university (in-state or out-of-state), you may have additional core classes that are required by the university. At the time of application, a program assistant will review with you to determine if you will need to incorporate it within your curriculum.