Nursing Situations

In preparation for the conference, all attendees are invited to create a nursing situation:

Nursing situations are stories from day-to-day practice defined as the shared lived experience in which caring between the nurse and the one nursed nurtures wholeness and well-being.

During introductions on the first day of the conference, you will be invited to share your nursing situation: The essence of caring in my nursing situation is ___________.

The nursing situation is prepared as a Word document and may be incorporated as a data source into an article as one of the strategic outcomes of the Academy. If so, the author’s copyright permission is given.

Attendees are encouraged to refer to Barry, C., Gordon, S., & King, B. Nursing case studies in caring: Across the practice spectrum. Springer Publishing. Chapter 1: Introduction to Nursing Case Studies in Caring as Nursing Situations for nursing situation exemplars as Re-presenting Caring Values through Art.

Artistic Re-presentation

As Artists in Residence, all conference attendees are also invited to reflect on an artistic product in which the essence of caring in your nursing situation is evident and the artistry in nursing is illustrated. Time has been set aside during the conference to develop or refine your work. You may begin your aesthetic expression prior to arriving at the conference. In addition, you may also be inspired as a result of dialogue at the workshop to develop a new creative expression of the essence of caring.

Aesthetic expressions of the essence of your nursing situation may include: poems, essays, reflections, watercolors, line drawings, paper constructions, needlework, food art, etc., dance, Ted Talk to be prepared as a video, caring scripts, etc. A gallery display of these works will held at the end of the second day of the conference.

Examples of aesthetic works are available for review in the Journal of Art and Aesthetics of Nursing and Health Sciences and are accessible in the Journal issues webpage: