Artist-in-Residence Program

Art can be a powerful tool for nurses and other healthcare practitioners, inspiring the reflective process, connecting with patients, and finding meaning in the work. The Artist-in-Residence Program of the Anne Boykin Institute for the Advancement of Caring in Nursing with the inaugural colloquium in 2014 and continued with the Summer Academies beginning 2016. The role of the artist is to participate fully in the Summer Academy and to re-present the essence of the dialogue through the creation of an original work of art created at the academy. For the 2023 Summer Academy, with the theme, “Aesthetics: Re-Presenting Caring Values Through Art”, all participants will be considered artists-in-residence to honor the artist in each of us. Summer Academy registrants will be invited to bring a story of a caring situation representing practice, and be inspired through the dialogue to envision and create an aesthetic re-presentation of the caring in that situation. Time and materials will be made available on the first two days of the Academy for creating the art work in any medium of the artist’s choice. On the second night of the event, there will be an Artists’ Gallery showcasing the aesthetic re-presentation of caring in practice situations experienced by Academy participants.