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Anne Boykin Institute Virtual Summer Academy 2024 Registration

JUNE 20th and 21st 2024 (In-Person and Virtual)

ABI Summer Academy 2024 Registration

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Please join us at ABI’s Summer Academy 2024 for essential and exciting dialog about caring in an area needing urgent attention in nursing and our world: earth caring. This year’s theme, Earth Caring: Tending our Common Home will lead us to increased shared understanding of the moral imperative of caring for earth and to examine relationships among health, justice and environment grounded in caring. Participants will have the opportunity to develop ways to bring creative ideas forward toward practical reality through scholarly work and development of concrete actions. As this important work of caring science emerges, knowledge of the discipline of nursing advances. Artist-in-residence, Kathy Sherman, CSJ, singer, composer, and social justice activist will share her music throughout the Academy to create space for reflective thought and deeper understanding of the myriad connections in caring for planet earth.