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Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

This concentration provides graduates with advanced practice role preparation, knowledge and skills in the care of children and adults across all ages within a family framework. Health promotion, disease prevention and management of common acute and chronic long-term health alterations in primary care settings are the foci of this concentration.

The Family Nurse Practitioner curriculum requires a total of 49 credit hours. The program follows a part-time format of study only. The curriculum contains a minimum of 600 hours of required clinical practice. Attainment of competencies may require more than 600 hours. Practicum experiences occur in health department clinics, private practice offices, community-based health centers, urgent care clinics and other settings providing primary health care.

Graduates of the Family Nurse Practitioner Program are eligible to sit for the Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) or the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP). We offer the FNP concentration on three campuses: Boca Raton, Davie, and Harbor Branch.

  • Students may only apply for one MSN concentration.
  • Please note: FNP and AGNP concentrations are admitted only once a year in the Fall semester.
  • Effective 2023, the GRE and MAT are not accepted for applicants who do not have a minimum GPA of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Applicants are admitted into a specific MSN concentration. Students may not change into an NP concentration from a non-NP concentration. Upcoming admission deadlines are listed below.
  • Nurse Practitioner Applicants:All Nurse Practitioner (NP) concentrations are limited access and admission is competitive. NP applicants are considered as part of an application cohort and are admitted once a year in the Fall semester.

Admission Criteria

FNP Concentration Admission Criteria
  • Bachelor’s in Nursing from a regionally accredited university and a CCNE or ACEN accredited nursing program.
  • Minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for the final 60 baccalaureate-level course credits in the B.S.N. program.
  • Prerequisites: Basic Statistics course and Baccalaureate level Nursing Research course.
  • A copy of your CV / resume.
  • 1 letter of recommendation (letter must have signature).
  • A copy of Registered Nurse license (Florida or Compact).
  • Philosophy of Nursing Essay.
  • A copy of your final conferred official academic transcript.

Satisfactory state / federal criminal background check will be required ONLY for admitted students.

Application Process

GradCAS Opens September 15th for Fall Nurse Practitioner Admissions

(Please note: FNP and AGNP concentrations are admitted only once a year in the Fall semester.)

  • Admissions decisions are made based on the quality of the application and the number of available slots in the program desired. Please read the following instructions carefully.
  • Complete the Florida Atlantic University GradCAS Application.
  • GradCAS is the centralized application service for students applying to the nurse practitioner concentrations. You will submit your application, and supplemental materials listed under admissions requirements, and request a letter of reference through GradCAS.
    • Please note: You will request the letter of reference electronically in GradCAS. Be prepared with a reference name and current e-mail address. GradCAS requires its own set of official transcripts.
    • All documents must be received in GradCAS by the published application deadline.
    • Incomplete applications will not be considered. Applications with missing documents/transcripts are considered incomplete.
  • Due to a high volume of applications and the time needed to receive and process transcripts and application fees, the application may take up to 2 weeks to complete. The costs of the application are the responsibility of the applicant.
  • Regulations governing admission to the graduate study in Nursing at FAU include those established by both the University and College of Nursing.

"All materials submitted in support of your application become the property of Florida Atlantic University. We cannot return materials or copies to applicants. Thank you for considering Florida Atlantic University for your graduate school needs."

Nurse Practitioner Deadline
NP Fall 2024 Admission

February 15th

GradCAS will accept applications September 15th through February 15th.

Incomplete GradCAS applications (with all admission documents) are not considered for admission.

Information sessions

Information Sessions 

Please click the appropriate link to sign up for the graduate program information session that you would like to attend:

  • Tuesday,  September 17, 2024   4:00PM- 5:00PM       Click this  LINK
  • Thursday, October 10, 2024        4:00PM- 5:00PM      Click this  LINK
  • Tuesday, October 29, 2024         4:00PM- 5:00PM       Click this  LINK
  • Thursday, November 14, 2024   4:00PM-5:00PM       Click this  LINK
  • Tuesday, December 3, 2024       4:00PM- 5:00PM       Click this  LINK
  • Thursday, January 09, 2025        4:00PM -5:00PM      Click this  LINK

Click Here to Sign Up for An Information Session


Family and Adult-Gerontological Nurse Practitioner Curriculum

Suggested Course of Study: Download PDF

Course Information Class Credits Clinic hrs.
FALL (6 Credits)
Adv Practice Grounded in Caring NGR 6110 3  
Advanced Pathophysiology NGR 6141 3  
SPRING (6 Credits)
Philosophy & Theoretical Foundations of Adv Practice Roles NGR 6811 3  
Nursing Research Evidence Based Practice NGR 6812 3  
SUMMER (6 Credits)
Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics NGR 6172 3  
Leadership, Policy & Finance in Advanced Nursing Practice NGR 6891 3  
FALL (6 Credits)
Advanced Health Assessment NGR 6002 2  
Advanced Health Assessment Lab NGR 6002L 1  
Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 2 NGR 6176 3  
SPRING (6 Credits)
Primary Care 1: Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice NGR 6200 3  
Primary Care 1 Practicum: Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (12 hours per week) NGR 6200L 3 180
SUMMER (6 Credits)
Perspectives of Aging (AGNP only) NGR 6251 3  
Women's Health: Nursing Situations in Advanced Practice (FNP & AGNP) NGR 6342 3  
Care of Children: Nursing Situations in Advanced Practice(FNP only) NGR 6301 3  
FALL (6 Credits)
Primary Care 2: Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice NGR 6605 3  
Primary Care 2 Practicum: Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice (12 hours per week) NGR 6605L 3 180
Spring (7 Credits)
Primary Care of Families: Comprehensive Advanced Nursing Practice NGR 6619 3  
Primary Care of Families Practicum (16 hours/week) NGR 6619L 4 240
Comprehensive Care of Adolescents through Older Adults Practicum (AGNP) NGR 6607 3  
Comprehensive Care of Adolescents through Older Adults Practicum (AGNP) (16 hours/week) NGR 6607L 4 240
Total Credits/Clinical Hours   49 600

A minimum of 600 supervised clinical hours is required

Live (on campus) courses are usually on Thursdays any time between 8:00am &s; 8:00pm. All core courses are available online. Some courses are taught only once a year and must be taken in sequence.

Curriculum Effective Fall 2024

FAll 2024

Spring 2024

Estimated Cost Breakdown for FNP Concentration

Instate (FL) tuition rate $371.81 per credit hour
Out of State tuition rate $1026.81 per credit hour
Credits needed to graduate 49 credits.

*Cost per credit and total cost are calculated using tuition per credit and associated fees for the current academic year. It does not include course materials, textbook expenses, and other potential expenses related to individual courses.

Sample Careers

  • Nurse Manager or Director
  • Quality or Safety Manager
  • Ambulatory Clinic/Center Director
  • Telemedicine Practice
  • NP in an Independent Care Facility or Assisting Living Facility
  • Director of Patient Experience

Second MSN Degree Option

  • Applicants that have a Master’s degree in concentrations such as Education, Clinical Nurse Leader, or Administration requiring 30 credits or more to complete required courses in a NP concentration should consider applying for a second Master’s degree. Second MSN degree applicants should complete the application process (via GradCAS) by the Feb 15th annual deadline to be considered as part of the Fall NP entry admission cohort. A minimum of 30 credit hours is required to earn a second MSN degree from FAU.
  • Once accepted, a gap analysis will be completed to determine each student’s plan of study. Based upon the gap analysis Second MSN applicants may be considered for a fall or spring admission and are accepted on a space available basis based on a space available bases and gap analysis and entry date will be determined. Students must provide syllabi and/or course descriptions from other institutions for all transfer courses. Fall or spring admission may be considered.


  • Does the MSN program require the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Miller Analogy Test (MAT)? Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores or Miller Analogy Test (MAT) are not required. Effective 2023, the GRE and MAT are not accepted for applicants who do not have a minimum GPA of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  • Is clinical experience required prior to applying to the program? No, clinical experience is not a minimum admission requirement.
  • Is there a full-time option for the MSN program AGNP/FNP concentration? No, the program is offered part-time only, which is 8 semesters long and takes approximately 2.5 years to complete.
  • Is there a fully on-line option for the MSN program AGNP/FNP concentration? No, the curriculum is hybrid, a mixture of on-line and in person courses.
  • Are students responsible for securing their own clinical sites / preceptors? No, we will find a clinical site and preceptor for you, however please note that all of our clinical sites are located in South Florida only (Broward, Martin, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties).
  • Can MSN students work full time while enrolled in this program? Many of our students work full-time while matriculating through the program, however, sometimes students may lessen their workload once the clinical hours component begins in the 5th semester.
  • Can a student change their concentration once admitted? Please see the bulleted responses below.
    • Students in Nursing Administration and Financial Leadership, Nurse Educator, and Advanced Holistic Nursing may be considered for transfer to a different concentration (within Nursing Administration and Financial Leadership, Nurse Educator, and Advanced Holistic Nursing).
    • Students enrolled in an NP concentration may be considered for transfer to Nursing Administration and Financial Leadership, Nurse Educator, or Advanced Holistic Nursing.
    • Students enrolled in a NP concentration may be considered for transfer between NP concentrations (AGNP, FNP, PMHNP) based on CON policy.
    • Students in Nursing Administration and Financial Leadership, Nurse Educator, and Advanced Holistic Nursing may not transfer to an NP concentration. However, students may apply to an NP concentration during the regular application cycle.
  • How can I improve my application? In general, Graduate Program Applications can be improved by paying close attention to:
    • Writing ability
    • Resume
    • Experience in nursing relevant to the desired concentration
    • Evidence of contributions to the profession, leadership experiences, and/or participation in professional organizations
    • National Certification
    • Community service activities/Leadership
Amanda Beasley

Amanda Beasley

Academic Advisor

Phone: 561-235-1503

Fax: 561-297-0088

Dr. Tracian Kelly

Dr. Tracian Kelly

FNP Concentration Coordinator

Phone: 305-753-3031