Professional Statement

When students of nursing begin their course of study, they enter into an implied professional agreement—agreeing to abide by the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Nursing Ethics and to conduct themselves in all aspects of their lives in a manner becoming a professional nurse.

The College of Nursing faculty holds a professional ethic of caring and healing, recognizing that each person’s environment includes everything that surrounds an individual. Similarly, the College creates an environment that preserves the wholeness and dignity of self and others. The faculty requires self and socially responsible behavior and will not accept actions that can be perceived as hostile, threatening or unsafe to others. It is the College’s expectation that students promote a positive public image of nursing. It is the College’s goal, as a professional college, to build an expanding community of nursing scholars and leaders within the context of its’ caring-based philosophy. Safety of the person being nursed and accountability for individual actions are priorities and/or critical components/elements of a professional nursing education.

Students who do not abide by this policy will be subject to appropriate academic sanctions which may include disciplinary action, dismissal from the College of Nursing, and/or suspension or expulsion from the University.

Approved in Faculty Assembly 11/28/2016