The faculty and staff of the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing at Florida Atlantic University welcome you to our innovative Undergraduate Program in nursing. We are committed to both the study and practice of caring and we hope that you will experience that as you become engaged within our college and you partake in your curriculum. The Undergraduate Studies office staff is available to assist you at each stage of your studies, from orientation to course work, and through to graduation.

Your advisor is key to helping you plan your courses and staying on top of class registration and helping you keep track of any requirement(s) needed for successful completion of the program.

The real strength of any undergraduate program is its faculty. You will meet many in your coursework, where some faculty may teach primarily in the undergraduate program or teach additionally in graduate level programs and we will help you to come to know them and their research. Feel free to contact any of the faculty directly and make an appointment to talk about your work, interests, and/or nursing career goals. You can see the recent publications of faculty listed in the faculty section of the college website and posted in the Office of Nursing Research, Scholarship, and PhD Studies, NU room 216.

The Student Services Office and the Baccalaureate Program staff always welcome you to assist in your BSN studies. So that you can get personal time and effective answers to your questions and concerns, we highly recommend that you make an appointment with your advisor. Walk-in advising hours are available for FAU students as well. Please feel free to call or email, as you need, in addition to making an appointment. Also, continue to reference this handbook online for answers to many of your questions throughout your nursing studies.

Undergraduate Program Objectives

The purpose of the Undergraduate Program is to advance the study, understanding, and professional practice of the discipline of nursing.

The overall goal of the undergraduate curriculum is to prepare nurses whose practice nurtures the wholeness of persons through caring in nursing situations in a variety of settings.

The outcome objectives of the Undergraduate Program are that the graduate of the program will be able to:

  • Unfold a personal journey of coming to know and care for self.
  • Synthesize knowledge from the sciences, arts and humanities as a foundation for generalist practice in nursing. Use nursing theories and research to guide caring-based reflective nursing practice.
  • Use multiple patters of knowing in responding critically and reflectively to calls within nursing situations in generalist nursing practice.
  • Create caring responses guided by professional standards of practice.
  • Demonstrate integrity and accountability in all situations.
  • Practice nursing safely and ethically in generalist practice.
  • Provide care for and with others with awareness of and respect for cultural differences.
  • Use systematic inquiry to inform decision-making, create nursing responses, and evaluate outcomes.
  • Demonstrate competence in using patient care technologies and information systems to promote well-being, facilitate decision-making and enhance collaboration.
  • Use effective, professional, caring communication in written, verbal and digital formats.
  • Promote well-being for persons and populations across the lifespan in a variety of settings.
  • Create environments that nurture the wholeness of persons served.
  • Improve quality and safety within complex environments for healthcare delivery.
  • Participate in social and political activities that improve healthcare for all.
  • Advocate for public policy that honors human dignity and health equity.
  • Affect change through caring leadership to improve quality health outcomes for persons served.
  • Collaborate with nurses and other healthcare professionals in providing care in complex healthcare systems.
  • Care for the environment through stewardship of fiscal, material and natural resources.
  • Engage in activities that contribute to development of the profession and self as professional.