Financial Support

Undergraduate Financial Aid Application Procedure

Specific requirements for the various financial aid programs are contained in the Florida Atlantic University Catalog, financial aid brochures, and information sheets which are provided to students with their award letters. The procedures for an applicant's applying for financial aid are in accordance with the guidelines set up by the federal government and details can be found at:

Additional scholarship information for the University is found on the following website:

Undergraduate Scholarship Information

The College of Nursing has a limited number of scholarships to be awarded annually. These awards are intended to be supplemental to more comprehensive forms of need-based financial aid. Therefore, it is necessary that a student applied for need-based financial aid through the University by filing the FAFSA forms (

The majority of these scholarships are awarded annually at the beginning of the fall semester. Announcements regarding scholarships are available online at the College of Nursing web site. For specific information on dates and application procedures, all students must visit the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing website at The Financial Aid and Scholarship section is located under the “Admissions” tab. The College of Nursing content is considered the most current information on all issues and overrides any information that might be found in this section.

It is advisable for students to begin the search for financial aid and scholarships early in their career at Florida Atlantic University.

Undergraduate Financial Aid Policy

The Florida Atlantic University financial aid program is administered without regard to race, creed, color, sex, physical handicap, or national origin. Financial aid is awarded on the basis of greatest financial need with priority given to those students who apply by the priority deadline of March 1. Aid is awarded to students in the form of loans, grants, work-study positions, and scholarships. A majority of the funds are awarded on the basis of need.