Student Appeal Policy Procedure

College Procedure: The following is the procedure used to appeal a petition decision, a dismissal decision, or other any other sanction or policy decision handed down by the College of Nursing.

  1. The student will complete a Student Appeal Form found on the College of Nursing website at /academics/student-resources/undergraduate/forms-applications.php. The appeal must be made within 30 days from when the initial disputed decision or sanction was applied.
  2. Undergraduate Students will return the appeal form to the Student Services Office. The Assistant Dean of the Undergraduate Program will have the involved faculty member(s) fill out the Faculty Response to a Student Appeal form. Then all of the documents will be forwarded to the Committee on Students chairperson.
  3. The Committee on Students will meet to render a decision on whether to accept the appeal or reject it. The student will be informed of the date of the meeting and will be given a decision no more than 10 days after the meeting.
  4. If the issue is still unresolved after the meeting with the Committee on Students, the student can take the issue to the University Vice President of Academic Affairs (STEP FOUR). The student is referred to the University Process in the catalog. University policies and procedures are printed in the Florida Atlantic University Catalog in the section titled Academic Policies and Regulations and can be found at