Petition Policy Forms

Academic petitions requesting exceptions to standards or policies specific to individual colleges or programs that meet or exceed university regulations require approval through the College of Nursing’s Admission and Progression Subcommittee and the Undergraduate Program Committee. These committees meet monthly during the traditional university academic calendar August – May (fall and spring semesters) so petitions are reviewed and acted upon at that time. The Admission and Progression Subcommittee meets on an ‘as needed’ basis June and July.

There are a variety of reasons to petition the College including: waiver of low pre-requisite GPA; waiver of humanities requirement; course substitution, etc. Specific course grades cannot be appealed except on a claim of malice by the professor.

Undergraduate Forms

The Committees meet one time per month during the traditional academic calendar August – May (fall and spring semesters). Colleges may approve or deny these items, without need for them to be seen by FAU’s Undergraduate Studies and Admissions office.

Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Faculty Assembly 11/24/14

Undergraduate Request to Waive a University Regulation

The Undergraduate Studies office oversees the policies and procedures of the university. University policies and procedures are printed in the Florida Atlantic University Catalog in the section titled Academic Policies and Regulations and can be found at