Grading Scale

The College of Nursing has adopted the following Uniform Grading Scale (approved 1/29/07).

  • 94-100 = A
  • 90-93 = A-
  • 87-89 = B+
  • 84-86 = B
  • 80-83 = B-
  • 77-79 = C+
  • 74-76 = C
  • 70-73 = C-
  • 67-69 = D+
  • 64-66 = D
  • 61-63 = D-
  • 0 – 60 = F

Report of Unsatisfactory Work

Reports of unsatisfactory work are completed by the faculty as necessary during the semester, for students who are performing unsatisfactorily in either theory or nursing practice courses. The Report states which requirements have not been met and identifies specific areas and goals for improvement. For nursing practice courses, a report is sent if students are demonstrating unsafe practice, questionable practice for the level expectations, or if absences are excessive. If a student earns a grade below a C (2.0), they will not be able to progress to the next nursing course. (See Progression and Retention policy)

The Report of Unsatisfactory Work is submitted by faculty to the Undergraduate Program Office and sent via FAU e-mail to the student. A copy of the Report is retained in the student’s file in the College of Nursing until graduation at which time they are removed. The Report of Unsatisfactory Work will include specific areas and objectives in which the student needs improvement for final satisfactory completion of the course objectives and to obtain a minimum passing course grade of C (2.0). Students are asked to meet with the faculty to discuss strategies for nurturing student growth in achieving successful performance of the course objectives.

Nursing Practice Course Evaluations

Formative Evaluations: A student’s practice performance is evaluated often to reflect progress in meeting goals. The nursing practice evaluation instrument is completed by faculty. Students complete a self evaluation using this instrument and results of both are shared and discussed. Face to face meetings to discuss performance at mid-term are expected. A formal grade does not need to be awarded at midterm.