Dismissal Policy

A student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program who fails to exhibit professional and caring behaviors as stated in the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing Professional Statement, fails to meet academic standards as defined in the Progression and Retention Policy or violates a University policy may be dismissed from the Nursing program. The faculty member responsible for the nursing course in which the failure is noted or who notes unprofessional behavior will refer the student to the Assistant Dean. Students recommended for dismissal have the right to utilize the Student's Appeal Procedure as outlined in the Student Handbook.

A student who is dismissed from the Nursing program may petition only one time for readmission/ continuation in the Nursing program through the Admission and Progression Subcommittee in the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. Readmission decisions by the Subcommittee will be based on the reason for dismissal, strength of the student's record, length of time since dismissal, space availability and the student's plan to prevent recurrence of the problem that led to the dismissal.


Students who do not meet the progression and retention requirements will be notified in writing via FAU e-mail of the facts and circumstances, including the availability of an appeal process, by the program official who will offer to meet (in person or by phone) with the student. Students will have 10 academic days from the date of the written notification to respond to the program official. After meeting with the program official, the student may be:

a. Placed on academic probation with a written plan of improvement (POI). The POI will include specific conditions designed to support individual student success. Students who do not meet conditions indicated in the POI will be recommended for dismissal.


b. Recommended for dismissal. Undergraduate student recommendations for dismissal follow the University’s Dismissal of Students (Undergraduate Advising FAQ)

Undergraduate Program Committee Approval March 9, 2015
Faculty Assembly Approval: March 30, 2015