Directed Independent Study


  1. A proposal for directed independent study is developed collaboratively by the student after initial consultation with the faculty.
  2. This document can be found in General Forms.
  3. The proposal for directed independent study form is completed and is jointly approved/signed.
  4. The proposal must be submitted to the Student Services Office and must be approved prior to registration for the DIS.
  5. The independent study must be completed and the final product submitted to the faculty at least one week before grades are due to the registrar.

REMEMBER: A 3-credit DIS represents at least 45 hours of class time, as well as normal preparation time.

Guidelines for Independent Study

The purpose of an independent study is to enhance the student's professional and personal development. It provides the student with an opportunity to integrate previously learned knowledge and skills into an area of particular interest within the discipline and profession of nursing.

The following serve as guidelines for independent study in the nursing program:

  • The student must be in the professional phase of the program.
  • The student must have an overall GPA of 3.0.
  • The semester prior to the independent study, the student must:
    1. Write objectives for the learning experience.
    2. Contract with a faculty member who will guide the independent study.
    3. In conjunction with the faculty, determine grading criteria related to the course objectives.