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MSN to PhD Program

Sample Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Year One - Fall Semester
NGR 7115 Philosophies of Science Grounding Nursing 3
NGR 7116 Caring: An Essential Domain of Nursing Knowledge 3
NGR 7846 Essential Statistical Methods for Nursing Science 3
Year One - Spring Semester
NGR 7932 Doctoral Seminar in Knowledge Development 1 1
NGR 7815 Qualitative Research Methods I 3
NGR 7121 Theory Development & Application in Nursing 3
NGR 7709 Doctoral Cognate OR Crafting the Life of Scholarship (Elective) 3
Year One - Summer Semester
NGR 7111 Evolution of Nursing as a Discipline and Practice 3
NGR 7818 Advanced Nursing Research: Applied Quantitative Design & Methods 3
Year Two - Fall Semester
NGR 7934 Doctoral Seminar in Knowledge Development 2 1
NGR 7817 Qualitative Research Methods II 3
NGR 7822 Measurement in Practice Based Research 3
  Doctoral Cognate 3
Year Two - Spring Semester
NGR 7936 Doctoral Seminar in Knowledge Development 3 1
NGR 7853 Innovations in Inquiry 3
NGR 7738 Public Policy in the Context of Nursing & Health 3
  Doctoral Cognate 3
Year Two - Summer Semester
NGR7878 Doctoral Synthesis (Comprehensive Exam) 3
Year Three - Fall Semester
NGR 7979  Advanced Research (Research Proposal Defense) 3
Year Three - Spring Semester
NGR 7980 Dissertation (must take over at least two semesters) 6
Year Three - Summer Semester
NGR 7980 Dissertation (must take over at least two semesters) 6


  • The sample curriculum outlined above is designed for a student starting at the beginning of the academic year in the fall semester.
  • Doctoral Cognates are master’s level (or higher) courses that are a non-Nursing subject. PhD students take three Cognate courses OR two Cognate courses and one Nursing elective course.  Total credit hours must equal 9.