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BSN-PhD Program

The BSN to PhD program is an alternative pathway to the Doctor of Philosophy with Major in Nursing available for highly qualified Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates. The program is streamlined, allowing students to proceed to doctoral-level courses in theory research and policy without taking the traditional MS-level courses in these areas.

Curriculum's for BSN-PhD students can be tailored to develop your particular interest (i.e. - Holistic, Education, or Administration Focus). Please review the Post-Master's-PhD curriculum that would be ensued upon reaching the doctoral level under the PhD curriculum. Your Plan of study will be developed between you and your advisor upon admission.

Sample BSN to PhD Curriculum

Course Number Course Title Credit Hours
Fall, Year 1
NGR 6110 Advanced Nursing Practice Grounded in Caring 3
NGR 6141 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NGR 6713 Curriculum Evolution & Models in Nursing Education 3
Spring, Year 1
NGR 6002 (O/L) Advanced Nursing Situations: Health Assessment 2
NGR 6002L (O/L) Advanced Nursing Situations in Practice: Health Assessment 1
NGR 6711 Creative Teaching-Learning Methods in Nursing Education 3
NGR 6718 Evaluation in Nursing Education 3
Summer, Year 1
NGR 6814 Quantitative Methods for Advancement of Health Sciences and Nursing Practice 3
NGR 6172 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 3
Fall, Year 2                                                                                                                                    24
NGR 7111 Evolution of Nursing as a Discipline and Practice  3
NGR 7846 Essential Statistical Methods for Nursing Science 3
NGR 7116 Caring Science I: An Essential Domain of Nursing  3
Spring, Year 1
NGR 7115 Philosophies of Science Grounding Nursing 3
NGR 7815 Qualitative Research Methods I 3
NGR 7818 Advanced Nursing Research: Applied Quantitative Design & Methods 3
Spring, Year 2
NGR 7946 Scholarship Practicum  3
NGR 7845 Applied Advanced Statistics  3
Fall, Year 3
NGR 7121 Theory Development and Application in Nursing 3
NGR 7118 Caring Science II: Developing Phenomena of Interest within Research Focus Areas 3
NGR 7816 Mixed Methods in Practice Based Research 3
Spring, Year 3
NGR 7853 Innovations in Inquiry 3
NGR 7119 Caring Science III: Innovative Methodologies to Study Caring Science 3
  Cognate 3
Summer, Year 3
NGR 7978 Doctoral Synthesis (Comprehensive Examination) 3
Fall, Year 4
NGR 7979* Advanced Research  3
Spring and Summer Year 4
NGR 7980* Dissertation (two classes over two semesters)  12
Year Four - Summer Semester


  • The sample curriculum outlined above would lead to a Nurse Educator specialization/care focus.
  • The Nurse Practitioner (NP) track is not available to BSN to PhD students.
  • Available tracks/specializations include Advanced Holistic Nursing, Administrative and Financial Leadership, Clinical Nurse Leader, and Nurse Educator. Appropriate courses would be substituted.
  • Students should work closely with faculty and staff to ensure proper advisement regarding credentialing specialization.
  • Students opting to earn a master of science in Nursing while in the BSN to PhD program will need additional courses.