Nurse Educator

Course Name Course # Credits
Graduate Core Courses(12 Credits)
Advanced Nursing Practice Grounded in Caring NGR 6110 3
Philosophical & Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice Roles NGR 6811 3
Nursing Research & Evidence-Based Practice NGR 6812 3
Leadership, Policy, & Finance in Advanced Nursing Practice NGR 6891
Direct Care Core Courses (9 Credits)
Advanced Health Assessment NGR 6002 2
Advanced Health Assessment Lab* NGR 6002L 1
Advanced Pathophysiology NGR 6141 3
Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics NGR 6172 3
Concentration Courses(18 Credits)
Curriculum Evolution and Models in Nursing Education (selected weekends) Offered in Fall NGR 6713(**) 3
Advanced Nursing Education Practicum (120 hrs per credit/ 8 hrs per week) NGR 6944L 3 ***
(1-3 variable credit. May be taken one credit at a time.)
Evaluation in Nursing Education (selected weekends) *First half of Semester 
Offered in Spring
NGR 6718(**) 3
Creative Teaching-Learning Methods in Nursing Education (selected weekends) *Second half of Semester NGR 6711 (**) 3
Advanced Concepts for Direct Care Nursing Situations NGR 6006 3
Direct Care Focus Practicum NGR 6006L 3 ***
Total Credits     39

* Requires 120 hours/credit. This is a total of 360 hours of a variety of supervised teaching experiences.
** Concentration Courses are generally offered once a year.
*** Requires 180 hours supervised, direct care experiences.
-Live (on-campus) courses are usually on Thursdays anytime between 8am-8pm. Nursing Education Concentration Courses are offered on selected weekends.
-Most courses are available on-line.

Second MSN Degree Option

Courses Typically Completed in Direct Care Focus Concentrations at FAU*

*(Courses may vary by graduation year)

NGR 6110 Advanced Nursing Practice:  Grounded in Caring 3
NGR 6811 Philosophy & Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Nursing Practice Roles 3
NGR 6812 Nursing Research Evidence Based Practice 3
NGR 6891 Leadership, Policy and Finance: Advanced Nursing Practice 3
NGR 6002 Advanced Health Assessment 2
NGR 6002L Advanced Health Assessment Lab 1
NGR 6141 Advanced Pathophysiology 3
NGR 6172 Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics 3


Terry Eggenberger, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, CNE, CNL, FNAP Professor Co-Coordinator Nurse Educator Concentration
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         Cassandre Horne Ph.D., RN, NPD-BC  
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Co-Coordinator Nurse Educator Concentration