Anne Boykin Institute

for the advancement of caring in nursing

2017 Summer Academy

Regina Holliday, 2017 Artist-in-Residence

Regina Holliday

Patient rights activist, artist, author and speaker, Regina Holliday is a patient advocate who uses painting as a catalyst for change. She is the founder of the Walking Gallery, a patient rights movement focused on positive change in healthcare. The Gallery consists of medical providers and advocates who wear patient story paintings on the backs of business suits. Paint and patients, pills and policy all come together within The Walking Gallery of Healthcare.

Regina was invited speaker and Artist-in-Residence at the 2017 Anne Boykin Institute Summer Academy and there created the two acrylic paintings shown with Regina above. Her passion, dedication, and free-ranging thought are captured in “Hope and Trust,” and “Taking a Stand.”

Regina Holiday, 2017. Hope and Trust. Acrylic.

Hope and Trust

Regina Holiday, 2017. “Taking a Stand.” Acrylic

Taking a Stand