Anne Boykin Institute

for the advancement of caring in nursing

2019 Summer Academy

Clare Fagunleka, 2019 Artist-in-Residence

Clare Fagunleka

Ms. Clare Fagunleka, second-year BSN student, was born in Nigeria and raised amid the rich music and dance of her village. After immigrating to the United States, she developed a passion for dance through a broad study of contemporary, lyrical, hip-hop, and other genres. She believes that dance is a universal language that displays the emotions humans experience and share in their separate, but interwoven journeys.

Through dance, Ms. Fagunleka invokes the human response to shared values in the portrayal of the human struggle. Form, line, and creative motion open the aesthetic response toward mutual appreciation of the experience. In her professional nursing practice, Ms. Fagunleka will be using her art of dance as a means of communicating caring among those she nurses.

As Artist-in-Residence of the 2019 Summer Academy, Ms. Fagunleka created and performed artistic dance that embodied themes and stories inspired by the communal dialog about social justice as an expression of caring.

To watch Clare’s dance performance, click here.