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Clinical Appearance Attire


In order to maintain a professional image, each student will be expected to follow these guidelines along with any additional institutional policies. The appropriate dress for off-campus laboratory experiences varies with the course and practice facility. Faculty will direct appropriate attire for individual practice experiences. Modifications for religious accommodations will be honored.

Clinical in-patient setting uniforms

Clinical uniforms are to be purchased through MorUniversity Scrubs:
The MorUniversity Lab coat may be worn over the uniform.
Only plain white under shirts may be worn under the uniform.
White stockings or socks above the ankle.
Plain white closed-toe & closed-back shoes. Shoes must not be altered to conceal logos, stripes, or other areas with color.

Community setting uniforms

The blue CON polo shirts are purchased through the Student Nurses Association.
The polo is to be worn with loose-fitting tan/khaki dress slacks.
The CON (MorUniversity) lab coat may be worn over the uniform.
Brown/tan/black closed-toe shoes with socks.

Student must wear the CON name badge as well as the FAU photo ID (Owl card) or facility issued picture ID whenever entering a clinical setting. The CON name badge is ordered through the Student Nurses Association.

  • Nails must be short (no longer than 3mm (1/4 inch).
  • No nail polish, artificial nails, or nails jewelry.
  • No more than 2 pair of stud or post type earrings are permitted: no hoop or dangle earrings.
  • No other visible body jewelry.
  • No visible tattoos/body art.
  • Jewelry - only a watch and wedding band are permitted.
  • Hair is to be worn off the collar, neatly combed, and away from the face.
  • No fragrances are permissible.