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Clinical Site Selection General Guidelines

The agencies and institutions for advanced nursing practice experiences in the Master’s program are selected according to the following criteria:

  • The health care philosophy and objectives of the agency or institution are compatible with those of the College of Nursing and learning needs of the students.
  • The accreditation status of the agency (if appropriate) is satisfactory.
  • The demographics of clients and advanced nursing situations are adequate to fulfill course objectives.
  • The educational preparation and experience of the preceptors meets required criteria for the specific course.
  • The location of the agency/institution is accessible.
  • Use of the agency by other nursing programs does not create negative learning opportunities for students.

Practicum Participation when university is officially closed and during intersession

  • PLEASE NOTE: When the university is officially closed and during semester intersessions (the period between semesters), students MAY NOT participate in practicum experiences. Students may participate in practicum experiences during Spring Break if approved by their individual practicum faculty. Faculty must be available to supervise students during practicum hours.