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White Coat Ceremony

Celebrating our Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Students

Thursday, March 21, 2024 at 5:00 PM

Keynote Speaker: Jodi LoDolce, MBA, BSN, RN

Chief Nursing Officer HCA Florida JFK Hospital

Location: Carole and Barry Kaye Auditorium, 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431

The White Coat Ceremony instills a commitment to provide compassionate care among future health professionals. This program promotes humanistic, patient-centered care among incoming nursing students.

Support for Nursing Students

As a symbol of the start of the nursing journey, the white coat confirms a commitment to compassion, humanism and professionalism within the field. Now more than ever, choosing a career in nursing is a portrait of courage and dedication that merits recognition.

As our students boldly step into nursing during such challenging times, they need the support of the collective community like never before. Please consider gifting a white coat to our students or further investing in the next generation of nursing students. To donate, visit: or checks are also accepted. Please mail checks to:

FAU Foundation, Inc.
777 Glades Rd, ADM295
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Please make checks payable to FAU Foundation, Inc. and write "Nursing - White Coat Scholarship" on the memo line.

Donor Recognition

Thank you for your generosity and support of FAU’s nursing students.


Platinum Sponsor
Christine E. Lynn

Gold Sponsors
Allegiance Home Health – Rosie Inguanzo-Martin

The Charles and Elsie Gols Charitable Foundation

Gene and Susan Folden

The Reiling Family Foundation - Cindy Krebsbach

George Snow Scholarship Fund, Inc. - Tim Snow

Silver Sponsors
Robert and Lynne Arlen

David P. Long and Lucy A. Craske

Kathy Molinet Drum

Hank Drummond

Melissa and Jamey Emerson

Margaret Mary Shuff

Camiccia-Arnautou Charitable Foundation, Inc. - Bill T. Smith, Jr.

Patricia Toppel

Elaine J. Wold


Bronze Sponsors

Ronald and Kathy Assaf

Boca Raton Regional Hospital Foundation 
– Mark Larkin

Ann Brown

William and Mary Donnell

Jerry and Terry Fedele

Lora Friedkin

Dean Safiya George


Michael and Dianne Glennie

Carl and Kristine Gobbo

Casey and Carol Gunnell

George and Jessie Quick

Marilyn ‘Dee’ Ray

Lawrence and Ann Marie Rempala


Mark Swillinger

Joe Trubinsky and
Holli Rockwell Trubinsky

Thomas and Maureen Workman

Alicia Wynn


Additional Contributors
Boca Radiology Group, P.A. – Kathy J. Schilling, M.D.

Peter and Susan Brockway

Denise Clark

Barbara Cohen

James and Gayl Hackett

Thomas and Rita Head

Angelo Sands and Patricia Liehr

Judy Manning

Daniel Robinson

Joan Wargo


White Coat Ceremony Oath

As a student dedicated to Nursing as a discipline of knowledge and professional practice, I solemnly pledge that I will:

  • Nurture the wholeness and well-being of persons and the environment through caring.
  • Protect the rights and dignity of those in my care.
  • Promote just, ethical and equitable health care for all.
  • Participate in inquiry that supports safe, quality care.
  • Collaborate in interprofessional research and practice.
  • Honor the legacy of those before us to elevate nursing standards of practice.
  • Stand together to support colleagues within a community of caring.
  • Accept the responsibility of a lifelong commitment to nursing through education and leadership.

I take this oath voluntarily with the full realization of the responsibility with which I am entrusted by the public.

                                          Students Receiving White Coats


Lydia Alailima
Lamia Alhunaidi
April Alton
Gianna Anderson
Nathaniel Antojado
Ahsan Arif
Caroline Baker
Helena Barrett
Sarah Beames
Preston Bergemann
Harmonee Bilello
Samantha Bongay
Samantha Borgese
Victoria Bower
Mindy Brammer
Matthew Brown
Natalia Brown
Ella Brunelle
Madison Burton
 Makenna Cardinale
Mia Carlson
Ana Charcap
Tiffany Chen
Tanima Chowdhury
Carina Clark
Brittany Coburn
Abigail Contreras
Venexa Cyrius
Gabriella Da Silva
Emma Dansker
 Ella De Stefanis
Abigail Delva
Juliana Dicicco
Larenz Dixon
Katelyn Dorman
Jennifer Dorval
Ashlynn Elek
Gabrielle Ellington
Kerisha Ellis-Norville
Yunior Euseda
Sheerin Feizi
Alana Figler
Aidan Finley
Jude Ian Fradillada
Anaelle Forges
Larissa Gabriel
Dayanara Gallardo-Castro
Priscilla Garcia
Dakota Giacomelli
Jadyn Gonzalez
Taryn Goss
Holly Grosse
Jayme Hamilton
Benjamin Harris
Madison Hartsfield
Dalie Healy
Kinsye Hopf
Ella Horan
Sandra Howe
Allison Ingebretsen
Jeneesha Jean
Clarissa Jean-Baptiste
Jenn Jerome
Hannah Johns
Christine Johnson
Joice, Lance
Elizabeth Kazel
Sebastian Kuzak
Samantha Leiva Cordova
Sydney Levenson
Kira Limousin
Brooke Lofton
Nashley Louidor
Emma Lyons
Kandace Maciuba
Rachel Manning
Tiana Mathew
Charlotte Mayhugh
Isabella Mccartney
Moira Mcginty
Jamal Mckenzie
Alejandro Medina
Nhia Megargee
Julia Meleqi
Karlee Moody
Linda Morales
Luna Nunez
Lauren O'Connor
Joshua Ordenanz
Hailey Panas
Stacy Pierre
Lehna Prophilien
Olivia Puzio
Esther Remy
Zechariah Riddle
Alexa Ringuette
Piper Robbins
Mondy Robert
Yairis Rosario Grillo
Barbara Rowan
Adriana Ruiz
John Salgado
Ana Sanchez Jomolca
Sara Berthiaume 
Mia Scali
Erica Schablik
Samantha Sealy
Heather Sharkey
Alexandra Shellhaas
Karly Stalker
Liliana Stewart
Jade Stitt
Ava Thompson
Ashley Underwood
Nicole Vyzral
Madelyn Walker
Britney Walters
Julia Watkins
Saoirse Welch
Jordyn Wickham
Taylor Williams
Natasha Wooding-Sansberro
Tatiana Wooding-Sansberro
Jahn Daphne Young
Timothy Zelinski