Honors in Nursing Program

The Honors in Nursing Program provides a highly select group of students interested in developing nursing knowledge grounded in caring science through research an enriched learning experience. Students accepted into the program learn enhanced research and communication skills foundational to nursing practice and graduate education. While in the program, students are actively engaged in research and scholarly activities facilitated by their seminar faculty and faculty mentors. The Honors in Nursing program culminates in a completed thesis and dissemination of the student’s work. Students also have the opportunity to collaborate with students from other colleges in University-wide undergraduate research initiatives and programs organized by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Inquiry (https://www.fau.edu/ouri/).

Admission Requirement:

  • Freshman Direct Admit Students at the end of the sophomore year.
  • Cumulative University GPA of 3.5.
  • Must have taken and passed NUR4165 (Nursing Research) with A- or better.
  • Only the top students will be invited into the program.

Benefits Of Being An Honors In Nursing Student:

  • Work with other students interested in the development of nursing knowledge.
  • Collaborate with prestigious faculty on research to improve healthcare.
  • Become a leader in evidence-based inquiry.
  • Participate in University-wide research activities within the college and across the university.
  • Have opportunities to disseminate research through publications and presentations at regional, national and international forums.
  • Prepare for graduate education and nursing roles in research, education, and leadership.
  • Graduate with honors distinction on transcripts.


Junior Year: 

Fall Semester 
NUR4934 (3 credits) (In place of an elective) 
Spring Semester
NUR4935 (3 credits) (In place of an elective)


Senior Year:

Fall Semester 
NUR4936 (2 Credits) (In place of NUR 4937)
Spring Semester: 
NUR4936 (1 Credits) (In place of NUR 4937)

Honors in Nursing Program Application

Students who are interested in applying to the Honors in Nursing Program, please contact Advisor Mr. Javaris Hammond at hammondj@health.fau.edu