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Financial Support

The College of Nursing has numerous forms of financial support available to graduate level nursing students. Students seeking federal financial aid in the form of federal student loans must go the Florida Atlantic University Office of Student Financial Aid at in order to access the most current information.

Other forms of financial aid provided through the College of Nursing are listed below. For specific information on dates and application procedures, all students must visit the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing website at The Financial Aid and Scholarship section is located under the “Future Students” tab. The College of Nursing content is considered the most current information on all issues and overrides any information that might be found in this section.

Christine E. Lynn Financial Support for Graduate Students

Program Descriptions

Federal Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship

This is a Federal Grant program supporting the preparation of Advanced Nurse Practitioners who are committed work with underserved populations post graduation. For academic year 2016-2017, the college was not awarded this grant.

Nurse Faculty Loan Program

Nurse Faculty Loan Program supports graduate students who are preparing for careers as nurse faculty. Students can borrow money up to full tuition expenses plus books. A promissory note is signed committing to repay the loan. Loan amounts can be forgiven (up to 85%) if the graduate supplies evidence that they are teaching full time in nursing. Student must be full time to be eligible and may apply for multiples years of study.

University Assistantship

Graduate students working as teaching assistants for the college may be eligible to receive tuition benefits. Beginning fall 2013, the level of tuition benefits available is dependent upon the type of appointment:

  • To receive 100% tuition benefits (no fees are waived, only tuition) in the fall and spring semester, students must have a 0.5 FTE appointment (20 hours per week) and be classified as a full-time student.
  • Students with FTE employment conditions between .25 and .5 receive a tuition benefit percentage equal to two times the FTE appointment provided they are enrolled full time.

In addition to the tuition benefits, the student receives an hourly wage and there is no requirement to repay the funds. Students must have an approved Plan of Study on file with the Graduate College to receive tuition benefits beyond the second semester of study. Assistantships for post-Masters PhD students will be limited to two years of funding. BSN to PhD students may receive up to three years of funding. Students must reapply annually. Assistantships are awarded based on funds available, demonstrated progression towards the degree and satisfactory performance of assigned activities.

To view the complete Tuition Benefits Policy for Graduate Students, please visit the Graduate College website.

NET Stipends

The State of Florida supports preparation of nurses in advanced roles, primarily to prepare nurse educators. Students apply once an academic year for a $30,000 stipend. Successful applicants must sign a commitment to remain in Florida working as a nurse for 3 years following the award. If this work commitment is not met, repayment of funds is required.

College Scholarships/Stipends

The Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing has Scholarships/stipends that are open for application based upon fund availability. Students must maintain Full Time Status. Applications are submitted annually, for the up coming academic year. Current scholarship and application information can be found on the College of Nursing website under Admissions.

For questions regarding applying to these programs, contact Bernadette Bastien at