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DNP Curriculum Planning

The plan of study for DNP students is pre-set. Part-time students need to work closely with their advisors to map out their curriculum plan. Part-time students take fewer credits than the requisite minimum for full-time study during regular and summer semesters. Prerequisite requirements for courses need to be carefully noted in planning the curriculum for any student.

Time Limits for Completing the Doctoral Degree

No credit that is more than ten years old at the time the Florida Atlantic University graduate degree is awarded may be counted toward that degree.

Audit a Course

Written faculty permission is needed to audit a course and students must have paid in-state rates for the course. It will appear on the transcript with a grade of AU. The state employee scholarship (no longer a waiver, but real money) is for employees who are taking courses for credit, and therefore, would not be available to auditors.

Transfer Credits

Students may have taken courses at another university that they wish to transfer in to substitute for courses in the curriculum, provided the course was not used to apply to another degree. A written petition to the Assistant Dean for Graduate Studies is required, with a copy of the course description and syllabus. A college audit form must be completed. The number of credit hours to be transferred is not more than 6 credits MAX .