Process, Procedures & Forms

Certified Background (Background Check, Record Management, and Drug Screening)

In order to improve the efficiency and time-constraints of the background check process, the College of Nursing, uses a company called Castle Branch. Castle Branch coordinates ALL aspects of background check items including Live-Scan fingerprinting, maintaining health records, as well as drug testing & background checks. 

Background Checks and related items will be completed at the time of Admission to the College of Nursing. (For all programs)

Please use the Package Codes in parenthesis
Do not include the parenthesis.

For Florida Residents ONLY

 Out of State Residents   (if you reside outside the state of Florida)

                       Undergraduate Program

Accelerated Program (FL53)


Freshman Direct Admit Nursing (FC92)


RN – BSN (FL83)


Dermatology (FJ87)


                       Graduate Program 

DNP (FL08)


Master’s Program (FL82)


PhD  (FF05)


The Background Checks and related healthcare documentation may not wait until practicum for completion. The process for background checks and health records is consistent for all College of Nursing programs.

Ready to begin the Process?

  1. You will be provided with the instructions and a program package code at orientation or after registering. Proceed to https://www.castlebranch.com/sign-in  following the directions using the package code above.
  2. Proceed through the registration process, making sure you read all of the links and references to proceed to further sections. *Helpful Hint: For security purposes, username & passcodes are emailed to you. They do not just pop-up on screen. Ensure you keep the Castle Branch website up and running while you are proceeding through each step of downloading instructions and registering. Instructions are provided for proceeding to the different sites to setup accounts as needed. You can always contact Castle Branch for troubleshooting into your account, Mondays-Fridays 8am-5pm EST. at (888) 723-4263 or customerservice@castlebranch.com.
  3. Complete all items by the expected deadline communicated to you by the advisor/director.
  4. Background Checks will be reviewed and coordinated with program advisors/directors so that all items are reviewed together for completion. Prior to the deadline date students will receive confirmation. *It is the student responsibility to double-check by these deadlines that everything has been approved.*

    An annual Notarized Oath & Affirmation is required to keep your initial background current. It must be completed every year AFTER your initial background check as long as you are a student here. If you have not renewed your Notarized Oath & Affirmation by 12:01AM on the expiration date, you will have a lapse in coverage and you will be required to redo the background check to include Fingerprinting & Drug Testing, at an additional cost to you. NO EXCEPTIONS!
    Castle Branch sends frequent emails – please do not disregard them. It is the student’s responsibility to log into their account periodically and update any expired requirements in order to remain compliant.

  5. Further Information on Oath & Affirmation Policy is under the "Policy" Tab