Jonathan George , BSN to DNP

Jonathan George

Jonathan George, a BSN to DNP student, is committed to improving health outcomes in our community. As part of his research at FAU’s College of Nursing, he is focused on the effectiveness of a pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) program administered for HIV prevention in an urban primary care setting. Understanding how this PrEP program measures against evidence-based practice and how these outcomes compare to national standards and previous year outcomes can help guide program improvements that will ultimately reduce the HIV burden in our communities.
As part of his enrollment, Jonathan has excelled in courses like epidemiology, biostatistics, population health and primary care. His clinical experiences were spent in settings which cared for the most vulnerable in our communities.
“FAU connected me with an urban federally-qualified health center, where I spent most of my clinical experiences training to meet the unique needs of this diverse population. This FAU-sponsored connection to the community, along with many others, fanned the desire to work and improve the health outcomes in this type of setting,” said Jonathan.
Jonathan has earned several awards, including the Daisy Award in his work setting, and the HRSA Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW) traineeship, which focused on preparing nurse practitioners to provide primary care to underserved and disadvantaged populations.
Jonathan served the at-large student body as a Student Government Senator, participated in competitive extracurricular programs, such as the Area Health Education Scholars Program and the Board Service Initiative from the Florida Center for Nursing, and was a student tutor at an underserved high school in Broward County.
“I chose to pursue my graduate degree at FAU’s College of Nursing because I have never had a team of faculty and staff become so invested in my growth as a person first, and then as a student; I feel seen, heard, and appreciated at this College,” said Jonathan. “This College also boasts a wealth of experience and leadership in all areas of nursing, with faculty actively looking for students to partner on research projects. The faculty inspire and prepare me on a daily basis to impact my world, and as a burgeoning nurse researcher, what more could you ask for in an academic institution?”
Jonathan possesses the personal characteristics, knowledge, and skill set necessary to become a strong and devoted leader committed to improving health outcomes for our communities.